How to roll a Plumber’s joint

Published Oct 19, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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If you are a more experienced cannabis enthusiast, then you have probably already mastered the art of how to roll a joint, and after a while, it can seem like the experience is lacking. Though there is little better than a good old-fashioned blunt roll, there are some pretty neat things that you can do to spice things up a bit without adding concentrates or investing in fancy devices. Learn how to roll a joint with style can be entertaining for you and your friends, and if you choose the right blunt roll, then you will get to discover a new level of functionality that can truly enhance the act of smoking weed.

The benefits of smoking weed through a plumber’s joint

Some consumers look at the result of a stylish cannabis blunt and think that the process is much too intricate to be worth the effort, but that isn’t true, as each loving step adds a unique benefit. The way that the plumber’s joint burns, thanks to the dramatic increase to airflow, is unbeatable without a little extra elbow grease.


  • King-sized rolling papers
  • Wooden skewer
  • Cannabis (1-2 grams)
  • Grinder
  • Cardstock (or alternative filter)


  1. Prepare the inner tube that keeps a fair opening down the middle of the plumber’s joint, and while it might look difficult, this is a simple process that takes only a few seconds to complete. Locate the glued edge of the rolling paper and wrap that side along the wooden skewer. Wrap the paper tightly around the wood, then apply moisture to the glue strip to hold the paper in place. Once you have completed this step, the paper should be snugly rolled around the skewer near one end, so that it is easy to remove later on.

  2. Now use a weed grinder to bust apart the cannabis buds, ensuring all the stems and seeds are removed to avoid tearing.

  3. Fill a king-sized rolling paper with the herb grind, leaving a small amount of breathing room, as you pack it into place.

  • Take the rolling paper that is still wrapped around the skewer and place the entire thing lengthways into the cannabis filled one, then gently use your fingertips to work the tube into the middle until it is completely surrounded by bud grind, and the roll looks relatively straight.

  • Finish the blunt by tightening up the rolling paper with a slow, back and forth motion between your fingers, then add a small amount of moisture to fasten it into place.

  • Give the glue a few seconds to dry then grip onto the joint to gently pull it off of the skewer.

  • Cut out the ideal sized filter and install it as usual. Once that is done, you now have an official plumber’s joint that is ready to be smoked.

  • How to smoke a plumber’s joint

    The best part about this cannabis blunt roll is that it doesn’t take any special sequence of lighting to enjoy it, as a simple spark with your usually lighter at the end without a filter is all that’s needed to get an excellent burn on the go.

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