How to roll a blunt with hemp wraps

Published Jan 4, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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There are so many ways to smoke cannabis, but a good old fashioned blunt is and always has been one of the most popular choices. That is until the general public became more aware of the risks that are associated with smoking tobacco products, and we are now as a result beginning to see the rates of tobacco leaf products sales slowly decline.

A traditional blunt is generally wrapped with a thick tobacco leaf, but with technology came the advancement of processed tobacco leaf blunt wraps becoming the preferred option, as they were easier to manipulate and shape, which is ideal, especially for new consumers who don’t know how to roll a blunt. They come with a glue strip that is similar to what you would find on regular rolling papers, and still offered the boost in buzz, but they did not remove or even reduce the risk to consumers.

Smoking tobacco products has shown to increase rates or certain illnesses and diseases like lung cancer, and many users are still sitting around waiting and hoping for a healthier alternative that isn’t going to influence the experience adversely. Luckily, a solution to the problem already exists, and it’s made using a nearly identical plant species called hemp.

What are hemp blunt wraps?

A hemp blunt wrap AKA hemp wrap is a sheet of paper that can be made using hemp plant materials. They typically come in two different designs including flat cut sheets that look a bit like regular rolling papers, or in tubes that look like a tobacco blunt wrap. Tubes may be loose or fastened to be packed like a cone paper, but they all serve the same purpose and provide a similar result. They are often marketed as ideal for rolling tobacco, but the majority of buyers use them for cannabis.

The benefits of hemp blunt wraps

The positive features of any kind of blunt wraps will heavily depend on the maker, as each one does things a little bit differently than the last, but in general, these are the most common reason that consumers choose to make the switch from regular blunt wraps to hemp blunt wraps:

1. Affordability
Hemp blunt wraps are often more affordable than tobacco options.

2. Health
Hemp like cannabis has yet to show any connection with long term health conditions as a result of consumption. Leaving many to believe that they are much healthier and safer for the lungs.

3. Taste
This kind of blunt wrap can taste the very same as any tobacco-laden version can, and that includes a wide variety of flavoring options that you know and love from your favorite cigars or rolling papers.

4. Environment
Chopping down trees to make paper has cleared entire forests and devastated lands all around the world. Though if you were to consider the impact of regular rolling papers or blunt wraps alone, it probably would add up to an eye-popping number, but it can help to make a difference on a global scale. Cultivating cannabis is sustainable and one of the few kinds of farming that is actually good for the earth and air, as it removes substantial amounts of CO2 as it grows, and it takes mere months to be ready for harvest.

5. Convenience
Sure it might be a bit cheaper to buy old school blunt wraps, but hemp wraps are now so popular that you can find them almost anywhere that regular rolling papers are sold, which makes them available in a pinch when you don’t have your favorite bong or pipe ready to use.

How to roll a blunt with different types of hemp blunt wraps

The first thing that you will need to do before moving onto some step by step instructions for how to roll a blunt using your brand-new hemp wraps, is to figure out which type you have. Sometimes you will find these details on the packaging of the blunt wraps, but in many cases, you will have to open up the package to get a real assessment of what you’re dealing with, as each one has a different set of steps.

1. Pre-sealed hemp blunt wraps

Pre-sealed in this instance does not refer to the blunt wrap packaging, it means that you have hemp blunt wraps that are easy to use as you don’t have to wet and stick a glue strip into place. If your blunt wraps look like separate tubes that cannot be unrolled or like a cone, then you probably have this type. Another common giveaway is the presence of a small packing tool, which is necessary to get an even roll that burns well, as you can’t use the force of your fingers to do so.

  1. Remove all of the wrappers and packing from the blunt wraps and seek out the packing tool. It will probably look like a small wooden stick or plastic tube, and it may be placed inside of one of the wraps.

  2. Once you have the tool and hemp blunt wraps separated, move on to grinding up some of your favorite weed strains. Choose one, or several, as it’s entirely up to you, but remember that most blunt wraps need at least 2 grams to result in a decent-sized blunt.

  • If you have a filter already as many of these ones do, then you are good to move onto packing, but if not, then you might want to cut up some cardstock and install one now to avoid large pieces of weed from making their way into your mouth or throat.

  • Go over your cannabis grind and be sure to remove any sticks or larger chunks that might interfere with the packing. Pieces like this can cause air pockets inside of the blunt which will make it burn funny, so it is important to use only a fine ground in these blunt wraps.

  • Add a small amount of herb at a time, using no more than ¼ of it for each layer. Each time a bit is added, use the packing tool to push it into place and continue filling and packing until the blunt wrap is full or the weed runs out.

  • Twist-up the open end of the packed blunt wraps if you plan on traveling with them, but at this point, they are ready to spark up and enjoy.

  • 2. Glue strip hemp blunt wraps

    This kind of hemp blunt wrap may come in flat sheets or small rolled-up tubes that resemble wrapping paper. Flat wraps are easy to separate, but rolled options, though often considered to be more professional, are a bit harder to get apart at first.

    1. Flat hemp blunt wraps users can skip right onto the next step, but those with rolls will need to locate the seam and gently unroll them until you can pull them apart. There are typically 2 or 3 in rolled versions, so it is important to make sure that you only have one.

    2. Put any extra hemp blunt wraps aside for now and keep one accessible while you grind up some cured cannabis buds.

    3. Dump out the herb grind ensuring to remove any twigs, cannabis seeds, or any other pieces that might interfere with your roll. Though blunt wraps are thicker and less likely to rip, an even grind is necessary for a smooth hit every time.

    4. Now dump enough cannabis grind into the blunt wrap to fill it around halfway.

    5. Grip the paper with your fingertips just as you would with regular rolling papers and work them in a rolling motion back and forth to pack the grind down.

    6. Once the roll feels firm, and you are ready to seal the deal, add a small amount of moisture to the glue strip and stick it into place. The glue strips on blunt wraps are not always super noticeable, but they are generally slightly lighter than the rest of the paper, and if you hold it in place for 30 seconds to allow the glue time to set, it should never come undone.

    7. Now is a perfect time to install a filter for your blunt using either disposable cardstock, pre-made, or reusable glass options.

    8. Once the filter is firm and in place, your blunt is ready to be smoked. Spark the end opposite of the filter, then sit back and enjoy the amazing experience.

    How much do hemp blunt wraps cost?

    Blunt wraps are made by so many different companies that it is impossible for there to be one price that suits them all, however, a pack of two hemp blunt rolls can cost an average of between $1-$5 each depending on the design.

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