How to recycle cannabis plant parts

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:47 p.m. ET

Now that marijuana is legal there are going to be a lot more people growing which also means a lot more wasted plant matter. Up until now, anyone who grew, for the most part, was doing so illegally which required discretion. Luckily that is no longer the case. If you have some extra plant material lying around and are wondering what do with cannabis leaves our guide on multiple ways to recycle cannabis plant material might be just what you need.

What can I do with marijuana stems?

Growers and users of all kinds throws away plenty of stem material every year, but did you know there are some really great things you could do with all that lost weight? Growers also have the bonus of trim leaf which can be incredibly useful. If you’re also wondering what to do with cannabis leaves, don’t worry, we’ll cover that too.

  1. Smoking- Cannabis plant stems or trim leaf can be ground up and smoked, although doing so won’t get you as high as the bud you pulled from it. This is because the terpenes and pistils are located mostly on the smaller outer leaves of a bud. However, the stem still does contain plenty of the same chemical components like THC and CBD.

  2. Homemade cannabis infused edibles- The THC content in stem and leaf trimmings is quite low, but it’s high enough to make a stellar addition to any homemade cannabutter recipes.

  3. Making Charas- If you look closely, you will see that the stem is covered in a powdery crystal-like substance that will rub off with just your fingers and a little patience. If you gather enough of it, you can press it into a hash or use it as a powder addition to any joint or bowl.

  4. Tea- Stems and trim leaf are perfect for tea. Even enough gathered from 7 grams or so would make an incredibly potent cup. Simply steep in steps in boiling water (220F) for 20 minutes and voila! Homemade THC or CBD infused tea.

  • Homemade Vape Juice- There are several recipes available online that will allow you to make your own chemical-free vape juice with either stems or leaf trimmings.

  • Weaving- The fibrous material large base stems are made of can be peeled apart once dry and are surprisingly malleable. With them, you can create anything from baskets, and coasters to mini models depending on your level of creativity.

  • Bubble Hash- Bubble hash is most frequently made from a pure bud for strength, but leaf trimmings and stem can make just as high of a quality hash, they will likely just produce smaller amounts. Using a bubble hash kit, you can quickly and easily get every little bit of goodness out of what was previously considered nothing more than excess material.

  • Stem Paper- Create your own recycled paper using newspaper and marijuana stems. Blend together in equal parts into a blender with just enough water to allow the two to mix. Using parchment paper or foil you can pour the mixture and spread evenly. Once dry (approximately two hours) you will be left with a heavy-duty bunch of paper that can be cut to size. This recipe makes an awesome base that is easy to drill and hang and will last forever.

  • Fertilizer- Every piece of a cannabis plant right down to the roots is full of nutrients and are an excellent addition to any compost pile.

  • While we are sure, there are plenty more ways than we have listed this is a great place to start! Hope you enjoyed our list of environmentally friendly ways to reuse and recycle cannabis plant parts.



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