How to prune cannabis

Published Jun 13, 2019 12:28 p.m. ET
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Pruning of cannabis is important to increase the yield of cannabis plants. Pruning can also improve the quality of your crops. This practice of pruning allows the planter to come face to face with his weed. The clipping of bad branches will allow the resources to be distributed to the other good buds. Yellow or dead leaves should be pruned. If they are not pruned, there will be a wastage of resources. Pruning allows more space to be created in the middle of the plant, thereby allowing light to pass through. This will make your cannabis plants healthy.

The top of the cannabis plant usually yields quality buds because it gets a lot of sunlight. When pruning cannabis, it is important to cut off the branches that get little or no sunlight. Also, cut off the dead leaves and buds that are below without any sunlight.

Weed plants should be pruned from an early stage. The plants should be pruned when they start to look bushy.

It is advisable to prune cannabis plants four weeks when they are in the flowering stage. However, when the cannabis reaches the full flowering stage, you should stop pruning them. If you continue to prune it, it may cause the size and quality of the plant to decrease.

First and foremost, you should use marijuana trimming scissors such as Chikamasas to improve your speed when clipping the small branches. You may also use an extra pair to remove the larger branches. You should ensure the scissors is sharp and clean to keep the plant free from infections. It can also prevent the plant from being damaged.

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Secondly, you should remove large branches. As stated before, branches at the bottom should be clipped since these will not be developed as the ones at the top. Also, branches in the middle of the plant should be removed because it’s location will not allow it to receive enough light to grow.


Pruning is a controlled way of creating healthy buds. You can control where your cannabis plant directs its growth and grooming of your plant. Well pruned cannabis plants can be a lovely sight to behold.

After your cannabis reached the reaping stage, it can be picked. To get the full benefit and enjoyment, you can grind the weed. How to grind weed? Grinding of weed is quite simple and easy.

Usually, a grinder is the best tool to grind weed. This will allow you to get the best of your weed. It will also prevent your weed from wastage that would be caused if you had used your hand. Be sure not to overfill the grinder. The grinder works best when not overfilled.
Trimming scissors can also be used to grind weed. Scissors is one of the better tools to use grind your weed if you don't want to use a grinder. You should also ensure that your scissors are sharp to grind the weed fast and efficiently.

Finally, pruning of your cannabis plants is just as important to the growth of the plant as grinding is to the enjoyment of the weed.



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