How to properly care for a dab rig

Published Jul 11, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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So, you have found your g-spot, and it is dabbing. The dab rig has become your preferred method of consuming those expensive concentrates that deliver the feeling that you are looking forward to at the end of the day. The dab rig filters vapour from your favourite concentrate through the water located in the base of your rig. Then the smoke travels up the neck, into the mouthpiece, and directly to the lungs. This method is quick and will retain the potency of your shatter.

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As some say, cleanliness is perhaps next to godliness, and this is true for the maintenance of any dab rig. Keep it clean, and it will treat you well, providing a fresh and tasty result when dabbing for years to come. There are a few items that you have in your cupboards that will be necessary for the cleaning like:

  • Coarse sea salt
  • Cotton swabs
  • 70% and above isopropyl alcohol some call it rubbing alcohol
  • A large resealable plastic freezer bag

Let us begin by following these simple steps

1. The nail

Heating or torching your nail is a simple way of cleaning the nail or banger. Heating the nail with a torch till the residual carbon is burnt entirely off is effective. Using an alcohol swab is also an acceptable way of cleaning the nail. If the nail is not cleaning in the manner you want, then you can put the nail in a resealable plastic bag that you have poured the alcohol into. After you have set the nail in the resealable bag, add some of the coarse salt, shake the container and allow the nail to soak until the excess carbon is removed.

2. Water in the rig

Pour the water out of the dab rig. If you use your dab rig daily, changing the water just as often will help in the reduction of buildup and allow the flavour of the dab to be expressed. The base of your dab rig can now be filled with 99% isopropyl. If you have neglected cleaning and a build-up is noticed in the bottom, then now is the perfect time to add the coarse salt. Use enough coarse salt to cover the base of the dab rig for the best results.

3. Shake shake shake


Cover the holes in the dab rig and then shake it until you see the buildup in the dab rig loosen and begin to dissolve.

4. Rinse clean

Using warm water after dumping the dissolved carbon from the rig down the drain, rinse out the base of your dab rig. Then you can lightly shake the rig to make sure that all of the crevices are cleaned.

5. Bonus

As with resin, the reclaim you have cleaned from the dab rig can be reused. You can make edibles capsules and tinctures. Some people will use reclaim for future dabbing. Some of the dab rigs on the market today come equipped with a down drop. This attachment, if your dab rig comes with this, makes it easier to collect the reclaim. If not, then you will need to use the alcohol method to clean and remove carbon. It is not advisable to reuse the reclaim when using this method.

For optimum performance, your dab rig needs to have continued and regular maintenance for optimum performance. Optimum performance produces the best taste of your concentrates or dabs for your palate to enjoy. Remembering to clean your dab rigs water after each use as with gentle cleaning of the nail will ensure the top performance from your dab rig.

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