How to prolong the aroma of marijuana with terpenes

Published Mar 13, 2019 11:31 a.m. ET

What does the flushing and trimming or marijuana have to do with the trichomes? The importance of cannabis trichomes and terpenes cannot be overstated.

Terpenes are responsible for the distinctive aromasthat the cannabis plant can arouse. The terpenehas many enemies that can alter the taste of your cannabis, rendering them tasting and smelling dull, tasteless.

The minute you begin to harvest the cannabis plant the compound begins to deteriorate. If you are careful, there are some steps that will help in the preservation of your buds. The correct method of harvesting will ensure that yourbuds will maintain their taste and have a better shelf life with perhaps an increased potency effect.

Let's start the process of maintaining your marijuana aroma.

Flushing: This is the process of removing excess nutrients that may have been built up during the growing phase. Your efforts here will ensure a smoother tasting smoke. The cannabis aroma will be more apparent. The color of the ash will indicate if your bud was flushed properly. White ash indicates good flushing while black ash is a good indication that the flushing was completed properly. If your plant was grown outside, it is recommended that you flush your plants with fresh water two weeks before harvesting.


Trimming: This can be done in two ways, wet trimming or dry trimming. I think it is self-explanatory. Wet being the plant is trimmed and then hung up-side-down, dry, you hang the plant upside down after it is dry you then trim the plant. The preservation of the terpenes seems to be better when the method of wet trimming is implemented. Dry trimming tends to make the trichomes fall off a lot easier, andthat becomes your loss.

Drying: This is a crucial step in the process of achieving the best for your cannabis. The moisture needs to be removedfrom the buds. You must maintain a clean bud, inspect carefully for any signs of mold. The removal of the moisture is going to improve and add to the exceptional aromas that you are looking for. Be careful to not let another enemy of the dry cannabis; light interfere in the process. Make sure your plants are in a cool dark area. Failure to monitor and adjust your temperature to 15-22C will have your terpenes being evaporated. This drying process will depend on the conditions that you are drying your cannabis in, but usually, the time frame is between 3-7 days. To test if your buds are dry, try the snap test. Snap the stem to hear that sound “snap” this will tell you your bud is ready and dry, and time to move on to the next step to preserve the aroma of your cannabis.

Curing: For the best possible aromas you need to cure your buds. This process will increase the potency of your cannabis. The traditional mason jar with an airtight seal is the needed storage method. Fill your jars with your dried bud. The first two weeks require a burping process. You should notice the marijuana aroma, enhancing. Continue the process for two more weeks, and you now have an aromatic marijuana jar of goodness that will keep its aromas. Enjoy!  



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