How to pass a drug test responsibly

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:20 p.m. ET

People are administered drug tests for various reasons, pre-employment requirements, random drug testing at your place of employment or other reasons. Usually, you are not required to be 100% free of THC but must register within levels below the threshold for the test. The threshold typically is 50 ng/ml. Register below this and your test will be negative.

It’s risky to be tested within 24 hr of consuming weed. There are ways of improving your chances of passing the test, however. It is beneficial to avoid exercise within 24 hours of testing. Exercise can spike the THC levels in your blood. Try taking a vitamin B complex. A 100 mg dosage should do the trick. Drink 2-3 liters of water the day before your test and 1-2 liters several hours before the actual test  If possible schedule your test for the afternoon so that you do not have to use the first urine of the day.

On the market today are several detox products that can assist with the process. Toxin Rid is a one day detox that is very good if you have low levels of THC in your system. You may also use a commercial mouthwash that will rid the toxins left in your mouth after smoking. Use it the same as a regular mouthwash. I suggest if possible that you do this procedure twice and then suck on breath mints right after.

What can you use if you are a heavy smoker full of THC and need to pass your test?The Mega Clean system may work for you. This entails drinking 20 ounces of the product every 2 hours. Eating a light meal and urinating to flush out the toxins will assist in giving you a negative result in your test.  

If your test is a hair follicle test, I suggest using shampoo of which there are several commercial brands. One of which is Ultra Clean shampoo. This shampoo will dissolve and also remove any chemical within the hair structure, thereby allowing a clean passable test. These suggestions I have given you work well with a supervised drug test. If you are fortunate enough to have an unsupervised test you might want to try the powdered urine approach. This is a kit that supplies you with everything needed to pass a urine test. There are also home testing kits that you can purchase to check on the results you have achieved yourself at home.

Detox drinks for drug test

Flushing THC out of your body can be achieved by detox drinks. Remember, to maximize the effect of your detox drink abstinence is required. Here are a few drinks you may want to try. Lemon has long been looked at as a detox aid. One tablespoon mixed in a bottle of 500 ml of water will do the trick.Make sure you drink these 8 or 9 times over a few days before your test. Plain old water will dilute your urine also. A mixture of water and cranberry juice will flush the intestines and kidneys of toxins. The last one I will mention is good old Java. Coffee is a natural diuretic; it helps to remove excess water from the body thereby weakening and diluting your urine. These are just a few detox drinks available along with many commercial ones.

Yes, its a hassle if you are subjected to a drug test, but hopefully you now have more insight on how to beat it. Good luck!


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