How to pack and smoke a perfect bowl of weed

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:09 p.m. ET

 Smoking a bowl sounds easy enough, but there are a few fundamental principles that should be followed to get the most out of every single bowl. There are many things to consider, such as what sort of paraphernalia you are using. Bongs and pipes both have bowls of various sizes and range from a more traditional wood base to some of the fanciest glassware pot so widely known today.

How to pack a bowl of weed

You will need to gather a few things before packing a bowl.

Step 1- To start you will need a lighter or some tool that will heat the bowl and burn the cannabis to smoke it. You have several different options here from traditional Bic lighters, to a slightly more old-fashioned butane or lighter fluid lighter (AKA Zippos). There are other somewhat lesser known methods you could use as well, such as a wick. Wicks used for burning cannabis are covered in wax and made of hemp. They are used by lining the bowl with a wick that runs outside of the bowl that can be lit and will maintain an even burn until the bowl is finished. A glass rod can also be used by heating to a temperature higher than 250F which will burn the dried cannabis.

Step 2- For the best experience when smoking bowls, you will want to use a screen. A screen will keep any ash and plant material from clogging the pipe or bowl stem. It also makes it less likely any will be making it into your mouth. You can use traditional pipe screens, but if you find yourself without one on hand, there are some other popular DIY screens you can try such as using a rock the diameter of your bowl, aluminum foil with holes or stealing one from the closest kitchen faucet. A window screen is not generally recommended, and if using aluminum foil, you should be sure it isn’t coated with anything that could be hazardous to your health. Your screen should always hug the bowl without blocking off the hole for air flow.

Step 3- It’s time to prepare your bud for packing. To do this, you will need to break apart the dried buds. This can be done either by hand or with a grinder. The trick is to keep it as evenly grounded as possible. This allows the smoothest even burn. When packing your bowl keep the ground cannabis less packed at the bottom and more densely packed on top. The lower part of the bowl contains the hole required for the smoke to make it to your mouth. If you clog that hole, you could be stuck with an un-smokable bowl. The denser part on top is to keep the bud burning at a slower pace, giving the user more control over exactly how much they get in each toke.

How Much Weed Is in A Bowl?

This widely discussed question will not be the same for everyone. How much weed you should put in a bowl will depend on several things.


Your budget - If you have a strict amount of cannabis you are restricted to in a day than you may want to choose the amount contained in each bowl based on that. For instance, if you only have one gram for each day and would like to smoke it three times a day, then the ideal amount for you may be less than someone who has double that.

Size of your bowl- Some pipes are only meant to contain one hit. In that case, you have less choice. However, most devices with bowls can hold anywhere from 0.5 grams to 1 gram. Regardless of which you have, you want to ensure the packed bowl does not overflow at all. You want all the ground bud to be contained entirely within the bowl, or you risk burn marks and wasted weed as it jumps out when burning. Dried cannabis will generally move and expand a bit when it is hit with high temperatures so leave some room for it to breathe.

Size of your circle - This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when packing a bowl. If you only have a one-hitter and twenty people in your circle it will take a lot of packing and waiting for it to make a single round. You may want to consider having plenty pre-ground bud ahead of time to make the process as painless as possible. If using a larger bowl by yourself then snaps might be better for you. Snaps are essentially small tightly packed bowls made for one person. When using snaps, there shouldn’t be any more in the bowl then you can inhale in one hit. When hosting a larger gathering fuller, more densely packed bowls are always the way to go. If packed correctly a larger bowl should make several rounds before it needs to be repacked.

How to smoke out of a bowl?

Smoking cannabis out of a bowl is one of the easiest most widely preferred methods of ingestion. This is mainly due to the fact using them is relatively straightforward. Most will contain one or two chambers that must always remain clear and should be cleaned regularly for the best taste. All bowls require putting heat to dried cannabis either just before or while inhaling. Some will have the addition of a carb. A carb is an extra hole with either a removable bowl stem or a small hole to cover with your finger. It restricts airflow enough to gather the majority of the smoke in the device’s chamber. The smoke gathered will not fully be released to be inhaled until the finger or bowl stem is removed. The hole should remain covered until after the cannabis the user wants to inhale in a single toke is burned.

  1. It is always recommended to pay attention when lighting a bowl. Light only a small portion of visibly green bud leaving a fresher smell and taste for the next person in line.
  2. The bud provider is the first one to light a bowl.
  3. Puff, puff, pass, the bowl is not a microphone. When one person hogs the bowl, everyone gets less. Keep it moving!
  4. BYOB, bring your own bud. No one likes a mooch. Make sure to contribute if you plan to partake
  5. No slobbering on mouthpieces. It’s gross and unsanitary and may get you uninvited next time.
  6. Pass it to the left. While this one is not always expected in general when partaking in a smoking circle, it is easier if the bowl is always passed in the same direction, with most preferring to the left.
  7. Last but not least, is never harass the non-smoker in the room. If there is someone present who doesn’t want to partake then move on. Be respectful of other opinions and never pressure anyone to consume marijuana who doesn’t want to.

Hope you enjoyed this handy guide on how to roll a perfect bowl. Enjoy Responsibly!



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