How to not look high

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:58 p.m. ET

 Did you use perfume or cologne, even deodorant? Ever looked in the mirror and wondered "do I look high?". If you’re trying to cover the fact that you smoked, here’s a few things that might work.

Remember to wash your hands and to wash around your mouth if your method of getting high was smoking. That travel size moisturizer you keep in your purse is great. Moisten your hands and that fragrance will mask the smell your hands have acquired from holding your joint. Do not over do the cologne or perfume; it is a great giveaway that something is strange. Mints to refresh your breath are a great idea, be careful not to overindulge when the munchies kick in though. Lunch is over back to work. Try your best not to overreact and laugh uncontrollably at some statement your co-worker has made. Be careful if you don’t want anyone to know that you are under the influence.

You have done all you can to cover the smell for the time. After all, you are at work, and a change of clothes is not possible.

At home, you may not like the smell of weed in your apartment it might indicate that you could be high. I have a suggestion for you. Try taking a paper towel tube or a toilet paper tube fill it with your favorite smelling dryer sheet, now blow your smoke from your joint through the tube. This is great the tube is absorbing most of the smell from the joint. I personally like the smell, but if you have company,you may want to use this method to defuse the aroma the smell could lead to being asked the question are you high? You may wish to take a shower, that hair of yours absorbs aromas; it is a good give away that you may have indulged earlier and could possibly be high.

How to make eyes not look high


Another way to mask looking high is obvious, and the go-to for stoners everywhere. Sunglasses. Your pupils are larger after smoking weed, sunglasses will help with red eyes and pupils. But that only works if you are outside, the sunglasses method will not work inside. This is when we’ve got to use eye drops from the pharmacy. They swear to take the red out of the eyes, and they do. We no longer look high well that’s the eyes taken care of.

Another sign we need to be careful of exposing is our overly happy self. Being too friendly or talkative might be a dead give away.What I mean by that is, keep the conversation short. Do not get too philosophical with your conversation. A piece of interesting information is how THC interacts with our hippocampus, producing bouts of forgetfulness. So, try to stay focused and be watchful of any paranoid feelings that may creep into your altered mental state.

Oh, did I forget to tell you to remove all the evidence when company drops by? Put away the rolling paper, get rid of the pipe and stash, no one will ever suspect you are high.  Enjoy even if it is undercover and don’t forget to partake responsibility!



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