How to make THC distillate

Published Jul 7, 2019 11:51 a.m. ET
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Smoking marijuana is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as this new generation of consumers demands a stronger and healthier option than ever before. With most other cannabis concentrates the process of extraction requires one or two rinses with a solvent that draws the cannabinoids from the plant materials, but the potency of these products ranges between 60% and 80%. They also tend to contain plant matter, residual solvents, and other elements that you pay for. None of which positively enhance the experience of using cannabinoids. THC distillate is a relatively new marijuana product that is garnering attention from every corner of the cannabis industry.

What is THC distillate?

THC distillate is just one result of cannabis distillation. The process targets the cannabinoid THC and cleanses marijuana concentrates of other materials such as plant matter, solvents, or oils. THC distillate is typically between 90% and 100% THC and is one of the purest THC products out there.

How to make THC distillate?

Typically, a method of extraction for cannabis concentrates will require a solvent rinse, and then the removal of that solvent. It is a one-step process, and once complete, the finished product is ready to be packaged and either consumed or sold. With THC distillate, it’s actually performed after the initial extraction, and the reason is that it removes most of the impurities and leaves behind a nearly 100% marijuana concentrate. A distilling machine utilizes heat, cold, and a chemical-free solvent to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant matter. The heat turns them into dancing particles that slowly separate from the excess materials, and when they are cooled, they solidify in a separate holding tank. This is not something that the average person can perform at home without the proper equipment, which is why we do not have a step by step guide.

The effects of THC distillate

The average cannabis plant will contain approximately 20% THC, and THC distillate ranges much higher from 90% up, so the results are typically four times as potent as the original strains they are created with. If you begin with a light, energizing, and uplifting strain, then those effects will be intensified, and the same is true with potent more sedating types.

How to use THC distillate


THC distillate isn’t just for those who aren’t comfortable with smoking marijuana. One of the best qualities of this type of marijuana concentrate is that it is so incredibly versatile. Below you will find five popular ways to use THC distillate.

1. Smoking marijuana
If smoking marijuana is still your preferred method of ingestion, than you have several different options with THC distillate. Drip a little bit onto some dry bud grind in a bowl, blunt, or joint for a potent experience that includes the natural flavors thanks to perfectly preserved terpenes.

2. Vaping
If you enjoy vaping, then you are also in luck. THC distillate can be vaped pure in most professional quality vaporizers, and for those that it can’t, you can buy handy conversion kits which will instantly make it into the perfect vape juice.

3. Edibles
Marijuana edibles can be a fun and unique way to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without the more harmful side effects of smoke. Many edibles recipes will call for bud grind that must be decarboxylated and then processed before it can be added to various recipes. THC distillate can instantly infuse almost anything with cannabis. Salad dressing, gravy, tacos, cookies, sandwiches, candy, popsicles, cooking oils, and so much more can be measurably dosed to perfection with little to no effort at all.

4. Beverages/alcohol
Are you one of the Canadian consumers that are disappointed that cannabis-infused alcohol products won’t be hitting store shelves anytime soon? If so, then THC distillate will fix that in a jiffy. Add a few drops (or several) to your favorite drink or cocktail, and the results will be a warm combination of both recreational elements,

5. Dabbing
Often referred to as the happy medium between smoking and vaping is dabbing. THC distillate makes excellent dabs on its own, or when combined with other marijuana concentrates to increase both the potency and flavor. This type of extract works well for low-temperature dabs and will leave behind no sticky residue on your nail or banger.

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