How to make money with weed legally

Published May 12, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis might be legal in quite a few places now, but what we can do with it is still a highly restricted and regulated matter. We can’t sell the real product for profit without licensing, which is nearly impossible to get as an individual, and that takes quite a few potential opportunities off the table. Most of us also can’t sell the seeds we create, no matter how good the genetics within might be. Since you can’t make money by selling weed, what you’ll have to do instead is get creative, and we’ve got a few neat ideas that should help to get you started.

1. Enter contests

Now that growing and smoking pot is legal, there are so many unique opportunities to cash in on cannabis-related skills, and one of them is by searching out contests that generously compensate winners. This, of course, is dependent on how good you are, as there will be others who put your skills to the real test, but this is a great way to make cash, and you can also win neat products along the way. You aren’t going to pay off a house entering cannabis contests, but it is a great way for those with a green thumb to legally get paid.

2. Take photos

You’ve probably already seen a vast library of cannabis-specific photos online, and if you’ve ever wondered whether or not those artists get paid, the answer is an incredible yes! Though there are no guarantees in photography, it doesn’t take much skill to snap breathtaking photos that can be worth a decent amount of money. Some websites like iStock and AdobeStock will pay you for every image download, so if you have the time to compile a lot of them, you could be entitled to a paycheck without making any major investments.

3. Exchanging services for product

In most places, with legal weed, it’s impossible to sell what you grow for a profit. In some regions you can’t even grow for someone else, charging just enough to cover the basics like nutrients and hydro. You can’t sell it, but what you can do is gift it or take things a step further with fair exchanges for services you need. You could gift your mechanic a bag in exchange for an oil change or your gardener a handful of pre-rolls for mowing the lawn. It might not exactly pay, but it certainly will save, which is really the same thing at the end of the day when your pockets are fuller.

4. Create new strains

If you’re looking for cannabis-related gigs that will pay quickly then this isn’t the one for you, but if you have aspirations to make it big in the wide world of cannabinoids, then this could be exactly the entry you need. Though you can’t really sell your new creations after harvest, what you can do is sell the strain type to a licensed company that can produce the product en-mass for the general public. Since this is a new thing, there is no set amount you can expect from this, but with expert skills, people will pay large sums of money for great genetic-related ideas.

5. Share your experiences

You read that right! Getting paid to share personal experiences is actually a really big deal in this day and age consumed by the internet and technology. Whether it’s posting review videos on YouTube about your favourite products or posting rants on WeedTube about issues, you feel passionate about, content generation is a great way to make money, especially if you can be either educational or entertaining. Of course, this like many ideas might take a bit to succeed, but it’s easy and anyone can do it because you don’t need any special skills to make magic happen.

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