How to make hash using oil and kief

Published Jul 25, 2019 11:18 a.m. ET
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There are hundreds of guides on the internet of ways to make hash, but most use more advanced methods of extraction or compression. If you are experienced with making oil, then this process should be easy as pie, but you will need a few essential ingredients and tools to get started. For those who aren’t sure how to make hash oil, we will include one of the easiest recipes for BHO followed by instructions for using it to make some potent hash. If you already have some cannabis oil on hand, then you can skip over the first recipe, and go directly to the final stage of the process.

How to make hash oil

Making BHO can be dangerous, so it is vital that you know all the risks before starting. There have been more than a few people that have injured themselves using flammable and/or explosive substances, and butane is unforgiving when mishandled. Never smoke near or make BHO around an open flame, and whenever possible, it is best to keep the whole process outdoors. Though the chemical that is used to extract the oil is hazardous, if it is adequately evaporated, and you use the right kind of butane, there will be no toxic residue left behind is the final product.

You will need:

• 1 razor blade
• 1 ounce of cannabis
• 1-2 cans of N-butane (10oz)
• 2 medium-sized oven-safe glass dishes (different sizes)
• 1 extraction tube
• 1 small container (to hold the finished concentrate)
• 1 electric heating element
• 1 weed grinder


  1. Bust apart your bud using a grinder or scissors. Do not turn it into dust, but smaller pieces make extracting the cannabinoids easier.
  2. Fill the extraction tube with the marijuana grind, and make sure to pack it down to prevent air pockets.
  3. Place the end onto the extraction tube and press the tip of the can of butane into the spout while holding it upside down over the top of the smaller glass dish.
  4. If the tube is full, run through an extra can of butane, to ensure all the cannabinoids have been extracted. Some people prefer not to, as it requires more cooking to evaporate the solvent.
  5. Once all the butane has run through the herb, it is time to begin the process of removing the butane.
  6. Place the small liquid-filled dish on top of the larger one then add water. This will create a broiler effect that will prevent burning.
  7. If making hash oil indoors, proper ventilation is needed, as the fumes can be dangerous to health, and are also flammable. Place the stacked glass dishes onto an electric heating element and set to the lowest setting.
  8. Continue cooking the mixture until all the butane has evaporated and only left with a thick tarry oil. Replace the water throughout this process and do not leave the simmering mix unattended.
  9. Once satisfied with the BHO’s consistency, remove from the heat then pour into a storage container to cool.

How to make hash using oil and kief


This old school hash recipe is perfect for those who want a potent marijuana concentrate, without any special equipment. The amount of each ingredient needed will depend on how much hash is being made, as well as the texture to achieve. Ultimately, the same amount of both oil and kief is needed to pull off some thick hash results.

Items needed:

• kief
• 1 stainless steel or glass mixing dish
• 1 metal mixing tool
• 1 rolling pin
• parchment paper


  1. Add all the BHO into a mixing container. If heat is needed, then hot water is an excellent option to get the liquids running without scalding.
  2. Slowly add the kief into the container with the hash oil then mix them together. The goal is to achieve a thickness that allows the concentrate to be molded with your hands. Add more kief until it feels like a nice thick cookie dough.
  3. Layout a piece of parchment paper on a large clean surface then set the hash mixture into the middle.
  4. Cut another sheet of paper that is the same size as the bottom then use a rolling pin to press out the hash between the two layers.
  5. Remove the top piece of parchment paper and set the oil hash out to dry for about 7-10 days or until it reaches a dryness that burns well.
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