How to make CBD shatter

Published Aug 29, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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Due to the legalization of marijuana in some states for medical and recreational use, many people have found creative ways to use marijuana and maximize on its benefits. One way in which people use marijuana is by creating a CBD shatter.

What is CBD Shatter

CBD shatter is a solid-like, concentrated extract of cannabis. It has a higher concentration of CBD when compared to CBD oil and cannabis.  It is a favourite among marijuana users, reasons being, it is easier to use, not messy and is more potent than others. CBD shatter is also not soluble and can be smoked in a pipe or vaped in a vaporizer.

The use of CBD products is becoming widespread, and CBD shatter use has increased as a treatment for medical marijuana. CBD shatter has anti-inflammatory properties and is even safer and effective than other drugs.

Of the two cannabinoids, THC and CBD, it is important to remember that CBD is non-psychoactive and will not get a user high; however, THC is the opposite. In making the shatter, CBD is extracted from the flower and leaves of the plant. As a result, Pure CBD shatter does not contain the cannabinoid THC that has psychoactive properties; thus, pure CBD shatter will not get you high.  Pure CBD shatter can be used by people who may be subjected to drug test in their workplace. However, precaution must be taken as there have been cases of false positives caused by CBD products. CBD shatter is also beneficial for people who want medical benefits from CBD. It is relatively safe, natural and non-addictive and is legal in many states as well.

The process of making CBD shatter

CBD shatter is sold in the shape of white rocks as a CBD product and is formed by process of filtration. The process of creating the shatter is a very specific one, and if not done properly, may produce another product. If you prefer to make CBD shatter instead of purchasing it, then you will need to know how it is made. Here is the process in which it is formed:


1. CBD must be extracted from the hemp plant and then go through filtration. This helps to remove the residue of oil and plant material from the product. The process of filtration also allows for the removal of any THC that was present in the plant before. After filtration is complete, CBD isolate, which is a pure form of CBD oil, is left.

2. Terpene is then added to the CBD isolate, which provides flavour and aroma to CBD shatter as well as increases the benefits of CBD. This second to final stage of this process creates a small, white crystal-like powder that is 99% CBD.

3. Now allow to set properly. At this stage, it should be protected from light and heat or this will disturb the process. If the CBD shatter is physically disturbed it will become dark and sticky and will transform into CBD wax. After it has set, CBD shatter is formed.

There are so many ways to use CBD shatter. It can be added to edibles and even vaped. If you plan to use CBD shatter to cook, then you should monitor the temperature as high temperature can reduce the effectiveness of the terpenes.

Finally, consult your doctor for more information regarding the benefits of CBD shatter.

How to use shatter


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