How to make a sploof

Published Mar 11, 2019 11:46 a.m. ET

Have you ever heard of a marijuana Sploof? It sounds so bizarre that I am sure for those who don’t the name, it suggests something that is not cannabis related. A Sploof is a handy device that has garnered attention due to its affordability. Today more people than ever are living in close quarters with their family, friends, roommates, and neighbors. While that can certainly come with its benefits, it isn’t always great if you are trying to keep your marijuana smoking on the down low. We can love weed while still admitting it can get stinky and not everyone enjoys that. Here we will cover the basics including what is a spoof and how to make a homemade Sploof to help keep your smoking discreet.

What is a sploof?

A Sploof which is also known as a Smoke Buddy is a homemade device meant to lessen the stink caused by cannabis smoke. It works as a filter that the user exhales through which forces the smoke through a filter that dramatically diminishes the odor. Usually, it is a dryer sheet that is used as the filter which heats releasing a pleasant, clean clothes smell instead of a stinky cloud that smells like pot.

How to make a smoke buddy

Sploofs, AKA Smoke Buddies, are an incredibly cheap and effective way to keep the smell of your smoke from bothering others who may be near enough to be affected. Learning how to make a sploof is something you will only need to do once it is so simple. Many people have come up with their variations using various other tubing and filters that include essential oils as a more natural alternative. Regardless of what you use the mechanics will be the same.

Materials required

  • 2 scented dryer sheets
  • 1 toilet paper roll
  • 1 elastic

Step 1- Begin by cleaning any leftover pieces of paper from the toilet paper roll.


Step 2- Layer 2 dryer sheets together and place them over the end of the toilet paper roll.

Step 3- Use the elastic to fasten the dryer sheets to the toilet paper roll.


While this set of instructions says to use store-bought dryer sheets and a leftover toilet paper roll you can get more creative with it. For larger options consider using a paper towel roll or plastic bottle with the bottom cut out. If you want something that is a little less disposable, you can use plastic tubing of almost any kind instead. If store-bought dryer sheet chemicals make you weary than there is always the option to make your own using a thin, clean white material that has several drops of essential oils dripped onto it. If you aren’t interested in making one at all and are wondering about premade options than there is one called the Smoke Buddy. It does essentially the same thing only does not require any filter changing and can last for years.

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