How to make a bong out of an old oil lamp

Published Jan 9, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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It’s cold outside, and it is the time of year that has us going through the attic and basement to clear clutter, and just to have something to do. Some of us are even brave enough to pack up and head out in the freezing weather, with old school tools that can hold up to extreme cold and winds. One thing that almost everyone has stored away is a good old-fashioned oil lamp as they can work great for producing heat and shining light on dark nights when the power goes out.

Most of the time, a family’s old oil lamp probably sits in the corner of a room collecting dust. Something that we just can’t part with for nostalgic purposes, and just in case scenarios, but what you probably didn’t know that it’s pretty easy to turn one into a homemade bong with a few minor tweaks.

What kind of oil lamp works best?

Most older oil lamps will work perfectly for this experiment, and you don’t have to break them to do it either. Any oil lamp with glass tubing that is air sealed can make an excellent homemade bong, but more modern electric designs likely aren’t compatible, as they are not designed in a way that allows you to easily create an airtight chamber.

Step by step instructions for how to make a bong out of an oil lamp

Of course, you will need an old oil lamp to get this job done, but there are a few other things that you will also need to have on hand for it to be a success, so be sure to make a list and hit up the store for essentials before you start. That is if you don’t already have most of what’s needed lying around the house.


  • Oil lamp
  • Duct tape
  • Ratchet socket
  • Screen (optional)


  1. The first thing that you will need to do is sterilize the device. You will be filling it with smoke to inhale, so it is important that there is no contaminants or mold spores present that might be a hazard to your health. Thoroughly clean the oil lamp and the ratchet socket and be sure to empty out any remaining fuel. This portion may need an alcohol rinse to get completely clean.

  2. Leave the cap off the filling spout of the oil lamp and press your lips to the top glass piece that would normally allow exhaust from the flame to vent out. Take a deep breath in to see where the weak spots are that will need tape. You can often feel the gaps with your finger by inhaling and exhaling while looking for escaping air.

  3. Once you locate the problem areas, you can use the duct tape to seal everything up.

  4. Keep testing the draw on the oil lamp and don’t stop taping up gaps until it feels similar to a bong. Too many leaks will waste your precious smoke, so be sure before moving on.

  5. Place the ratchet socket into the opening for the oil lamp fuel and install a screen if you have one available.

Now your homemade bong is ready to use, so it’s time to grind up some herb, pack the makeshift bowl, and test out the results with your favorite strain. Just pack a bowl, spark it up, and inhale from the upper piece that you were inhaling through earlier. The fascinating effect might surprise you, and it certainly makes for a neat experiment and acts as a great conversation starter.

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