How to make a banana pipe

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:08 p.m. ET
Making a banana pipe 

 The banana pipe is the easiest homemade pipe you can make and requires only a few minutes and a handful of household items. This homemade weed pipe offers several benefits over others such as the apple bong. Banana is softer and easy to manipulate. It’s also quite a bit cheaper which is helpful if you make a mistake or want to make multiples to impress some guests.

Materials required

  • 1 banana (The greener the better. If they are too ripe, they will quickly turn to mush.)
  • 1 knife
  • 1 empty pen casing
  • Dried Cannabis

Step 1 - Using a sharp knife cut off the bottom inch of a banana. Not the portion with the stem, the bottom half.

Step 2 - Take the end you just cut off and cut the narrow end of it one centimeter from the tip. This part will function as a bowl for the banana pipe.

Step 3 - Empty the larger end piece of all its banana contents. If it appears damp or slimy in any way, you may want to dab it with a paper towel, so that it doesn’t soak your weed when you go to use it. Set this piece aside.

Step 4 - Using a straw or empty pen casing, make a hole starting at the open end of the banana to approximately ¾ of the way up the center of the banana and stop.


Step 5 - Create a hole that will snugly fit the bowl piece using a knife. You want to create the hole right above when the first chamber you built stops. Once you have a hole blow out the chamber of any remaining pieces. At this point, you should be able to get a decent draw on it by sucking on either side. If there is no draw, then the chambers do not line up. Try extending the first hole you drilled with a pen casing.

Step 6 - Once you are confident the banana pipe has a good draw you are ready to install your bowl. Place the end piece narrow side down into the banana.

Step 7 - Check the draw again. It may take a little adjusting but once all your chambers are clear, and you have the bowl installed your banana pipe is ready to use! Time to pack a bowl and try it out.

Now all that’s left to decide is what kind of strain would pair best with a sweet banana taste. Weed strains with a fruity flavor will always go best with a banana bong. Some of the most popular strains that have fruit like qualities be it smell, or taste are Pineapple, Somango, Haze Berry, Lemon Shining and fruit spirit.

Ultimately the best strain for your banana pipe is whatever you have access to. This neat homemade weed pipe is sure to offer a great experience no matter what you put in it. Just remember, bananas decompose quickly. Banana pipes should be made immediately before use and thrown away within an hour or two of making.



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