How to hide the smell of weed

Published Jan 29, 2019 01:58 p.m. ET

The smell of a beautiful full-bodied bud is fantastic to some, to others not so much. Here are a few tricks to hide or cover the aroma of weed. There’s no getting around the fact that marijuana has a very strong, pungent smell it’s doubtful it can be masked, but here are a few ways that can help.

When smoking herb our body becomes like a sponge for the aromas, wash your hands and rinse off your face. This will remove any odor left on our porous skin. It is a good idea to apply your moisturizer now the scent will do a great job of adding to the scents in the room.  

Spray that cologne you carry around with you, worse case you’ll smell great.

If it is convenient for you to wash your hair, do it, our hair is a great absorber of scents in the air.

If you have been in a small enclosed area while smoking and have indulged in a few, you may need to change your clothes to rid yourself of the aromas.

The area that you smoked can become quite stagnant and heavy with the special aromas from your weed. You may want to try some of my suggestions that may help to alleviate this concern.

Try using the old homemade sploof method all that is needed is an empty paper towel tube and dryer sheets. Stuff those sheets into the tube. Exhale you hit into the tube. This method like most will not completely remove odor but will help.


The easy way to hide the odor, of course, is to open the window and blow it outside.  If you like essential oils now is the time to use them. Heat them on the stove on low heat, fantastic odor. Just using vanilla extract on the stove is fabulous, make your neighbors think you are baking a cake. Another idea is using activated charcoal, put it in small containers around your room to help absorb the odor. This method does not emit an odor itself; it neutralizes the air by removing the odors. Leaving containers of vinegar around your room will also neutralize the odor from your herb. Remember to change the containers every couple of days for optimum benefit. Don’t forget those beautiful scented candles or the incense sticks. These are nice to mask the odor by emitting their odor. I guess it depends what odor you like best.

Where to hide weed

If you are looking to hide the herb that is close by you, try hiding your herb in your dreadlocks or even that messy hair bun. Try clutching your reading book, or book bag book while traveling somewhere nice. No one will suspect what gems are hidden in there.

Where to keep weed so it doesn’t smell

You may feel the need to hide your herb outside; I suggest wrapping it well, placing it in an airtight, bug tight, watertight container and dig a hole and bury it.

I'm not sure of the reasons you may have for hiding the beautiful odor from your cannabis, but hopefully, you can use some of these suggestions. Whatever the reason enjoy your aromatic marijuana responsibly!



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