How to get the most out of edibles

Published Nov 5, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis edibles are one of the hottest and most controversial products on the market right now because they have their place in the green space, but their effects can be difficult to predict and challenging to control. This has some people rightly worried about the potential downsides of these unique products, but the truth is that they’re still 100% safe, even if they are the leading cause of negative experiences with cannabis.

The biggest problem and cause for so many consumers disappointment is a sheer lack of understanding, which leaves people shopping for pot products blind. You can always ask for some advice from your local friendly budtender, but even they might not have all of the answers you seek. If you want to have the best possible outcome, you’re going to need to bring a few skills to the table, and here, we’re going to show you five steps to live by that can make the task just a little bit easier.

Step 1. Know that there are many different kinds

When you look at a store that’s full of incredible edibles, what is it that you’re looking for as you decide on a particular brand? Chances are pretty good that you’re looking at the THC content, and that’s important, but we’re going to touch on that a little bit later. What you need to know is that they aren’t all created equally. Some edibles contain THC, others will include a broader range of cannabinoids, and it comes down to what they’re made with.

Those made with cannabutter will include all of the natural cannabis elements, and cannabis edibles made with extracts are designed to cater to a specific need. Which may only have one or two cannabinoids, and none of the supporting ingredients that can influence how these natural elements work. Even if two different edibles claim to contain the same amount of THC, one may be stronger than the other due to the presence of other natural cannabis compounds.

Step 2. Flavours will vary from on concentrate to the next

If you’ve ever tried cannabis edibles only to be disappointed with the taste, there is no need to fear, as they aren’t all that way. In most cases, the more robust weed flavour that is found in edibles is due to the ingredient used to infuse the food, with tinctures and distillate, producing much more potent and often terrible tastes. Luckily, they aren’t all that way, but if this is a problem for you, it can help to know which cannabis ingredients provide the least amount of after taste.

The most commonly used cannabis extract for edibles that are manufactured on a large scale is a tincture, followed by distillate because they are cheap, preactivated, and easy to spread out in precise doses. Still, these are edibles that you might want to avoid due to the more intense flavour. For the best tasting most incredible edibles, you’ll be better off choosing something with a cannabutter or cannabis oil base instead.

Step 3. Get the highest concentration available

Cannabis edibles are known for their potent effects, and still, it is not uncommon for consumers to find that they don’t feel anything with lower doses. This is likely due to strict regulations that keep the THC levels low in infused goods, but it’s not very cost-effective when you just want to get high, and you don’t have enough product on hand to make that happen. This is why we recommend buying the highest dosed edibles you can find.

It might sound a little bit intimidating at first, but the truth is that the most potent edibles are typically close to the same price as lower doses, and it’s not like you have to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Most edibles, be it cookies, brownies, or more elegant dishes, can be enjoyed in smaller portions while you find your way, but at least once you do, you’ll be left with enough to get you stoned if you opt for the most potent product on the shelf.

Step 4. Consider making your own

For some people, store-bought edibles are the only way to go, because it’s less stress, mess, and guesswork, but if you compare the cost of making your own versus buying them, you’ll find that there are plenty for savings to be had if you’re willing to put in the work. This is especially true for those who require a higher dose of THC to get high, as edibles are typically regulated to go no higher than 10mg. This amount is only truly beneficial for beginners.

Even if you stink as far as kitchen expertise is concerned, there are still cannabis edibles recipes that anyone can pull off with the help of a small helping of cannabutter or cannabis oil. It could be something as simple as a mug cake or a grilled cheese, with the only difference being the base ingredient of choice. It might take a bit to get the hang of dosing this way, but the intense buzz is more than worth it for more experienced stoners.

Step 5. Plan the right activity

Suppose you’re consuming edibles with low doses of cannabinoids. In that case, you might get away with a faster-paced schedule or activity choice. Still, the reality is that edibles don’t often go very well with strenuous activity because they tend to be intense, which can make you feel lazy. This isn’t a bad thing, as long as you plan an evening full of things to do that will allow you to stay comfortable and take breaks throughout.

If you’re looking for the best things to do while you enjoy the effects and benefits of cannabis edibles, then you might want to start with something that you can do from the comfort of your couch, like hanging out with some of your closest friends or binge-watching that hot new series you’ve been dying to see. You could also read a good book or make an attempt at tossing together an incredible meal, but it might be hard to focus, so be sure to stay flexible so that you can decide based on how they make you feel.

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