How to find the perfect stash spot

Published Aug 21, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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A lot of cannabis users rely on a small spot in an end table or gap in a shelf to stash their pot products, usually settling on these kinds of places due to the amount of discretion and convenience they tend to offer. The trouble is that these things are relatively fragile, and you don’t want them to fall into the wrong hands, so the most common spaces to store marijuana aren’t generally the best ones. If you want to store your weed in a way that ensures it’s protected in every way, then there are certain features you should look for in a stash spot.

1. A big enough place to put a stash box

You’ve probably been guilty of tossing a bag of cannabis or container of concentrate all by itself into a hidden space for temporary storage, but this is a good way to make sure that it degrades. Even if you’ve got the perfect stash spot, you’ll want the assistance of a stash box because it will help to control the environment, provide a lock, and keep everything organized instead of tossed about, and that’s why your storage space will need to be large enough to accommodate one.

2. No light

Even if you’ve invested in a high-quality stash box that keeps all light away from your precious pot products, it’s still best to find a stash spot that is also dark. Unnecessary light will add heat which can be a problem on its own, and it’s also a good indicator that the space isn’t exactly discreet, something that most cannabis enthusiasts want. Closets are a perfect example of a light-free stash spot, but technically any similar space will do.

3. Ideal temperatures

Temperatures that are far too high could make the resins in your buds run, concentrates spoil, and edibles melt, leading to an incredibly expensive disappointment when you finally discover the damage. Spaces that are too cold can also wreak havoc by freezing the fragile trichomes from buds and altering the texture of anything else that’s cannabis-derived or infused. The best stash spot should boast temperatures that sit just below average room temperature, so keep that in mind while scouting out a good place.

4. Low humidity

Humidity is a terrible thing for dried plant materials, as it can increase the amount of moisture within and increase your risk of experiencing mold, both of which are terrible for the toking experience. Cannabis concentrates can gather condensation, turning into a watery and goopy mess, and edibles and oils will have a shorter shelf life when they’re kept in humid spaces. That’s why it’s best to find a stash spot with low to no humidity, or if you can’t, a dehumidifier might be required to keep your pot products fresh.

5. A hidden space

We might feel like we’re past the phase of hiding our cannabis. After all, it’s legal now, so there is no longer any reason to hide it from the law. Still, there are other innocent and nefarious souls who might get their hands on your stash, and that could end horribly. Be it theft by a “friend” or easy access for little hands, you’ll want to avoid these risks, and that can be done by choosing a spot that offers a veil of discretion. It might feel a little backward to go back to storing marijuana this way, but it’s for the safety of everyone including your investment.

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