How to ensure your joint filter fits perfectly every single time

Published Jun 11, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Learning how to roll a joint is a great success in and of itself, as it’s a task that not everyone can master, but it’s only the first step towards perfecting the experience of smoking. If you’re one of the many that are still spinning basic rolls and using rolling papers to create joints that allow the weed to fall out of both ends, then you’ve still got a bit to learn, and in that case, you might want to check out our guide on how to fold joint filter tips. However, if you’re one of the unfortunate souls that know about filter tips but just can’t place them in a way that feels right, then this is an excellent list of tips and tricks that will have you well on your way in no time.

1. Use high-quality rolling papers

One of the first mistakes that many stoners make is to invest in cheap rolling options that will get the job done, but how well they work is compromised in many cases. To install a joint filter that will stay in place, you’ll need a joint wrapped in high-quality rolling papers that will stick together better and hold up to a bit of abuse while you install this essential piece. A safe bet is always well-known brands such as RAW because anything less might be too thin, flimsy, or come equipped with low-quality glue.

2. Leave room for the joint filter

Quite often, when we roll joints, the main focus is on spreading the green evenly across the paper so that the thickness is maintained. The second is keeping a firm grip on said paper so that it twists up tightly because a loose joint will never burn right, but this is also the ideal time to consider the needs of your joint filter. When you pack a joint, use your finger to make a space at one end where the filter will eventually go, and then roll it up to hold that empty spot.

3. Prepack the roll before installing the joint filter

A lot of consumers might feel comfortable in the pack of their roll, but the fact that it’s burning isn’t enough if you want to enjoy the benefits of a joint filter properly. Since one of these tips will hold the end wide open, it will be much easier to draw through, which will speed up the rate that your weed burns. To slow it down and to help to make room for your joint filter, it’s a good idea to give the roll a few taps (empty end up) on a hard surface to pack everything down. Tools can also be useful for this, but a quick few bangs should be all that’s necessary.

4. Use a sturdy but flexible material to make your joint filter

If you want either a homemade or store-bought joint filter to fit into the end of your joint correctly, then you must make sure that it’s made of an appropriate material for the task. The very best options are going to be solid and firm while allowing for some flexibility. When you try to substitute something too thick or solid like cardboard, it is very unlikely to unroll once it’s tucked into the end of the joint, so it’s best to stick with more traditional cardstock whenever possible.

5. Trim the joint filter down to size

Most stoners who enjoy joints will use the cardstock that often comes attached to a pack of rolling papers because they are large enough to stuff the end of almost any sized roll, but many don’t realize that they are way too big for your average joint. For the majority of ½ gram to 1 gram joint, you can cut these cardstocks into halves for an ideal fit. It’s also important to realize that the width of the cardstock is important, so once you’ve trimmed them into halves, they can usually be cut down once more for the perfect joint filter tip.

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