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How to ensure that your stored weed stays in perfect condition

Published Jul 7, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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There is nothing that is quite as irritating as spending a good chunk of cash on beautiful buds, only to see it all reduced to a powder. It’s disheartening and damaging to all of the natural elements like cannabinoids and terpenes. Which can adversely influence things like the rate of burn, taste, and effects. Even if you’re ok with smoking stale powder, it’s just not a good look, and if you want to learn how to avoid it, you’ve come to the right place for tips.

1. Always use a hard stash jar

Plastic baggies are a cheap solution for stoners, but even the highest quality options offer no structure or protection from getting bounced around, and that’s a problem if you want to keep your buds in one piece. The ideal sized container for weed storage will be large enough to hold all of your stashes without too much room to move. It should be made of either hard plastic or glass so that it can’t be crushed accidentally.

2. Avoid light exposure whenever possible

We know how tempting it can be to put your prized buds on display where everyone can see or hold them up to the sunlight and witness the THC crystals glitter and sparkle. It’s quite the sight to behold, however, it’s not good to have the light of any sort around your weed storage. Because sunlight makes fast work of drying and essentially baking the buds, damaging the powerful cannabinoids and delicious flavor in the process. Ideally, your stash jar should be tinted, and your storage room dark, if you want to preserve them.

3. Minimize free stash jar space

Of course, most weed storage solutions are in no way adjustable, meaning that you’ll always have extra room in the container. If you do your best to keep a few different sized options on hand, it shouldn’t be too difficult to pad the area and keep your fresh cannabis buds from banging around. All you really need is a soft cloth, sponge, or paper towel, something soft that is big enough to rest in the empty portion of your stash jar, you’ll avoid a lot of damage.

4. Keep the buds locked up airtight

When we first buy or cure cannabis flower to perfection, it’s brought to its peak as far as moisture is concerned, because there is enough removed to allow for a good burn, but still, plenty left behind to maintain the bouncy, soft, fresh nature of the buds. Curing is a precise balancing act, and once it’s done, the flower needs to be preserved immediately. From that point on, they should be kept in an airtight container. Otherwise, they’ll dry out and start to break down in no time, no one wants that.

5. Reduce the number of times you dig into your stash jar

A good shake of the old stash jar followed by a deep inhale of the delicious aroma is always an enjoyable moment for any stoner, but this moment of fun should be rare. Keeping the number of times, you reach into the jar to a minimum. Every time you break the seal on the container, moisture escapes, and each time the buds move, small bits break off, starting a ripple effect that doesn’t take long to claim the quality of all your cannabis flower.

6. Maintain a fresh supply


It isn’t always convenient or economical to buy small batches of weed, it’s more expensive and requires frequent trips out of the house, and those who grow don’t have the option of stocking up for such a short period of time. Because growers want their stash to last the majority of the year, storing it in smaller portions is the best solution. Finish an entire container before cracking open a new one, and if you can, separate everything into individual jars that will each last a week. That way, you’re never far from a fresh new batch of weed.

7. Leave the buds whole

Weed storage solutions never quite seem big enough, but you shouldn’t let that convince you to bust apart perfectly good buds, so they’ll fit, especially not by hand. If you absolutely must reduce the size of your buds to fit, make sure to do so with a sharp pair of scissors by cutting into sections where you can clearly see the stem. Doing so will reduce the amount of disturbance to the buds, helping to keep them strong and held together perfectly in storage.

8. Avoid cross-contamination

Stash jars are really good at keeping contaminants out if they stay well sealed. Which means that any time they’re left open, or not kept clean, there is a possibility of something getting in that shouldn’t. This foreign intruder could be harmless, or it could be the harbinger of mold, something that will spread like wildfire, destroying every bit of bud in its path. To avoid it, keep your jars clean and sanitized between uses, and reduce the amount of time that you're stash jar is left open.

9. Add moisture when necessary

Even if you follow all of the above tips, you might find that long-term weed storage really dries things out, and that can be enough to trigger a significant amount of damage to both the buds and cannabis elements; if not caught early and remedied. Luckily, this task is relatively easy to do with a slice of bread, apple peel, or some other moisture providing ingredient. When it’s needed, add some water to the mix using one of the above suggestions, and your buds will be just like new in no time.

10. Invest in a cannador

You could buy the absolute fanciest stash jar out there, complete with UV resistant coating, bumpers to avoid breaking, and an airtight seal that cannot be beaten. However, if you want the best layer of protection for your cannabis, then you’re going to want to invest in weed storage that’s similar to the Cannador. Cannadors work just like a cigar box, by maintaining things like temperature and humidity, which helps to preserve cannabis flower for as long as possible ensuring you don’t have to worry about a potential break down.

Keeping your stash safe will help to maintain the integrity, value, taste, flavor, and effects of the buds. That is a benefit that is worth paying a little bit extra for.

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