How to come down from a bad high

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:13 p.m. ET

It could happen to anyone whether you’re a newbie feeling overwhelmed from consuming a little too much or a seasoned toker who got an unexpected call from work saying to come in. We have all been there. Marijuana’s effects can be intense and sometimes, we just need it to wear off a little quicker. While there is no way to instantly come down from being high, there are several things you can do to speed up the process and feel better in the meantime.

Tips and tricks on how to come down from a high

  1. Stay Calm - This is a big one. Panic will do nothing but make symptoms worse and possibly trigger an anxiety or panic attack making the entire experience even more uncomfortable. If a buzz is feeling a bit too intense, don’t fret. The one thing that is guaranteed here is the effects won’t last forever and will begin fading soon. Find somewhere comfy and quiet and focus on your breathing. If it’s a friend not feeling well, make sure they are comfortable in a dark low stimulation environment to help them to relax. There is no way to overdose on marijuana, so medical intervention is rarely necessary.

  2. Hydrate - Hydration is always important no matter what the situation, but since pot comes with the side effect of dry mouth it’s not only important to stay hydrated, but it's just as helpful to have a cold glass of water or juice to sip on. Coffee, tea, and alcohol naturally dehydrate further so aren’t going to help with this.

  3. Eating - Just like with alcohol, food will assist in essentially watering down the effects of cannabis. It will also make you feel more alert, to begin with. Having some finger snacks handy for after a session is always recommended since marijuana is appetite inducing. This should cut down on your chances of experiences nausea or spinning when high.

  • Don’t Mix - Mixing alcohol or any other mind-altering substances with marijuana can get intense quickly. It is not recommended to drink and toke if you are new to either element. Alcohol will dehydrate you and will amplify the effects of marijuana and could exacerbate any chance you face of experiencing an adverse reaction. Same goes for prescriptions medications, mushrooms, and any other psychoactive substance out there.

  • Prepare Yourself - While this one won’t help if you have already taken too much, it’s a good idea to implement this in the future. Be aware of your sensitivity to pot and act accordingly. If you have never had more than a toke off a joint than an edible might be moving too fast for you. Just because your friend can handle a whole brownie doesn’t mean you will be able to. Never consume much more than what you know you are already capable of handling. Starting a session on an already full stomach and well hydrated will tame the overall effects making them more manageable.

  • Unfortunately, coming down off weed isn’t an exact science, and there is no miracle drink or cure that will make it all suddenly go away. The good news is that even though you may experience some uncomfortable side effects they will always subside and won’t come paired with liver failure or a nasty hangover like alcohol so often does. Remember, be responsible. Do not over consume, stay hydrated and do not mix cannabis with any other substance. If you follow those rules, you will have the best shot at avoiding any debilitating high in the first place.  



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