How to choose the perfect dab rig

Published Apr 7, 2019 10:37 a.m. ET

If you enjoy using cannabis concentrates than a good dab rig is necessary to get the most out of your products. Dabbing is incredibly efficient. Dabbing essentially vaporizes the concentrates with minimal effort meanwhile keeping precious terpenes intact. This results in a pleasant aroma and taste that most other options don’t offer. It’s healthier, more cost-effective, and results in more intense effects, but for those who are new to these devices, selecting a dab rig, e-rig, or nail can be incredibly confusing. To help we have gathered a list of tips from the pros to help you pick the best dab rig for your needs.

1. Price point

Cost is often one of the most critical aspects of shopping for any kind of bongs, dabs rigs, or other weed paraphernalia. The first thing you need to do when browsing for a new device is to set a price limit and stick within it. It’s always nice to look at more expensive options, but if you are new to the game and just starting out, you should stick to the basics for now anyway.

2. Quality

The quality of a dab rig, dab nail, E-ring, or bong is an essential element to consider. Unfortunately, those new to dabbing generallyhave no idea how to tell the difference. Now the quality that you may or may not be able to afford is going to ultimately influence how high well-made your new device will be. What is certain is that dabbers should steer clear of regular glass options and spring for quartz and titanium parts and accessories whenever possible. The stronger the materials are, the more abuse it will take before needing to be fixed or replaced. Since torches are used over and over to reheat the nail, they will degrade over time and eventually break or shatter if made of low-quality material.

3. Design

There are a couple of different designs to choose from when shopping for dab rigs. The first will feature a removable nail that needs to be heated before the cannabis concentrates are dropped onto it. This takes some skill and precision to pull off without making a mess. If you are experienced at dabbing than a nail will likely be preferred since it will provide the best results, but one that is equipped with a banger instead will not have multiple movable pieces to break and will also be much easier to drop daps into. Ultimately, the best design will be based on personal preference and experience.

4. Tools required

We touched on how there are different designs of dab rigs with the two most common types to choose from. What many people don’t realize is that, particularly with dab nail equipped devices, that the size of the area that needs to be heated will fluctuate dramatically from one to the next. For nails dabbing tools are essential, and bangers allow a bit more freedom to use alternatives. Dab nails require less heat and therefore a smaller torch which may influence your end decision. Another thing to consider is the number of cleaning accessories you will need to upkeep the dab rig. Those with multiple chambers and narrow stems will require time, patience, and skill to clean properly which is necessary to keep it functional. Try to pick a dab rig that requires the least upkeep and has straight tubes for the most extended shelf life.

5. Functionality

In the end, the functionality and efficiency of a device may be the deciding factor in a purchase. If you don’t mind using a torch than a typical dab rig may suffice, but for those who prefer a more automatic or flexible option there are other more unique choices. E-rigs will automatically heat themselves acting as a vaporizer. Since they reach ideal temperatures with no guessing, they also end up with a lot less reside. For those who have already invested in a high-quality bong, an option like a banger can often be retrofitted to work by just replacing the typical bowl.

Though there are many different aspects to consider when choosing a perfect dab rig, it will depend on personal preference throughout every step. While there is no one size fits all; there are many different designs and sometimes more straightforward choices. Select the one you feel most confident in using from a reputable head shop that will answer any questions that you may have in person before purchase.


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