How to change the way your cannabis tastes

Published Aug 5, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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It’s exciting for most consumers to break into a brand new bag of fresh flower because the majority live for the delicious aromas that escape the moment it’s opened. The same is also true when it comes to the way that cannabis tastes, and that is likely because terpenes play a significant role in how each cultivar makes you feel. Enjoyable scents and flavours are simply an additional elevating part of the experience, but what should you do if you get a batch that tastes bad?

Whether it just smells bad, and that’s off putting enough, or you truly can’t stand the notes each hit leaves in your mouth, these tips and tricks should help.

Flavoured papers

We don’t often recommend flavoured rolling papers, because the majority are soaked in ingredients that haven’t really been thoroughly researched as far as long-term effects of inhalation through combustion, but if you want to dress up a roll quickly, and you’re not overly concerned about a bit of extra irritation, then they might just be the solution you need. They come in hundreds of unique flavours from mint to chocolate and fruity options like grape, and on occasion, they can be a really nice addition to your sesh.

Different types of wraps

Rolling papers are great but have you ever considered trying different types of wraps instead? They come in a variety of material bases like hemp, rice, or leaves, and they each boast a distinct taste that can really help to switch things up when you aren’t satisfied with the flavour of your bud. You can buy big wraps, small wraps, wraps with filters, and even terpene-soaked wraps for your pleasure, and though it might take some experimentation to find the ones you like, they truly do have the power to transform the taste that’s left on your tongue.


Terpenes are found through nature in things like fruit and herbs, and they’re what gives your cannabis its delightful aroma and flavour, but did you know that you can buy them to add to your flower? That’s right! Whether it’s lemon, floral, a fruity bouquet, or a skunky taste you’re after, you can find it here, and all it takes is a few drops in the grind or on your paper to experience the difference that this one small addition can make.

Final Bell

Fruit peels

It is important to note that consumers should be careful when dealing with fruit because it can go bad, leading to mould development amongst other things that might destroy your bud, but if you’re careful, it can be a great way to change the taste of any herb. All you need is a few scraps of fresh fruit rind, like apple, orange, or lemon, and drop it into the bag or storage container along with the disappointing flavoured buds. Remove the peels after no more than 8 hours, and voila, you’ll notice a huge shift in the flavour of your next joint.

Other strains

If you’re tired of the way your cannabis tastes, and you also happen to have other cultivars on hand, then you might want to try making a weed salad using one type you love to taper the flavours of the one you don’t. There is no perfect mixture or ratio, and in some cases, it might not take a lot of dank goodness to outweigh the bad, so give it a try. You might be surprised by some of the incredible combinations you come up with.


Cannabis concentrates, in particular, those with all of the ooey-gooey smelly components like butter, rosin, or wax are a great way to add delightful aromas to any bowl or joint. Just a single dab could be enough to turn a stinky straw-smelling herb into a glorious smooth hitting roll, without any unnecessary chemicals. Doing so will also make the cannabis more powerful just as much as it’ll be pungent, which is a win-win, as long as you’re up for the challenge.

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