How to build the cannabis smoking room of your dreams

Published Jul 19, 2019 09:09 a.m. ET
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When it comes to designing the perfect chill spot to enjoy your marijuana and coffee, only you will know the colors, themes, and exclusions or additions that would work best for you. However, every designer needs a little bit of inspiration from time to time, and a hot ticket list that includes some pointers that you may not have ever considered might be just what you need to get the job done. Though we aren’t professionals by any means, there are a few options that almost anyone who likes smoking marijuana would enjoy. Here we have compiled the ultimate list of must-haves additions to any stoner's hangout. So, let’s get you started on building the best pot room you or your friends have ever seen.

1. Lighting

If you are experienced with smoking marijuana, then you have likely already experienced the abrupt sensitivity to bright lights. This is a common effect that is felt by most stoners and something that should be considered when designing the smoking room that dreams are made of. You want to be able to relax, and squinting isn’t the most comfortable thing to do. If you’re going to stick with regular bulbs rather than adding new fixtures, then you should maintain the lowest wattage possible. 40 watts is sufficient for most spaces and easy on the eyes. Another commonly used addition is black lights, which are neat to look at, and can help to enhance the decor later. Don’t worry about seeing well to roll your joints, as we will take care of that a little bit later.

2. Theme

Once you have a sound lighting system in place, it is time to pick out a theme that you enjoy. This doesn’t have to be an end all be all or specific decision, but it is a good idea to have a primary color scheme selected. This will give you something to pull color ideas from, as well as things that you might have to hang on the walls or want to obtain in the future. Some people think that since the room is meant for smoking marijuana, the theme should also be pot based, luckily that isn’t true, as some of the coolest stoner hangouts are full of trippy posters, comic book heroes as well as other personal collections that have nothing to do with weed.

3. Furniture

Next, on the to-do list are the essential pieces of furniture. Think about how many people you’d want to be comfortably seated. If this smoking room is just for you to enjoy your marijuana and coffee, and not to host gatherings, then one of two lazy boy chairs are perfect. However, if this room will be for more people then it would be great to consider multiple, comfortable seating or even a futon that can extend into a bed for guests that need a place to crash while waiting out a high. The next furniture essential are tables, or at least, surfaces that you can comfortably set things on while seated. This will often be a coffee table or end table. Some people even opt for removable tv trays for a retro touch, which is perfect for smaller spaces. A separate table that is large enough to rest all your rolling accessories should be placed near a grow box for the extra lighting, which we will touch on next.

4. Grow box

What cannabis enthusiast smoking den is complete without a constant supply of their favorite products? Though you might not have enough room to grow several plants, even a single grow box that is lit up as a centerpiece works as a stellar accent. Bask in the natural beauty of developing buds while enjoying the benefits of smoking marijuana. There is nothing else quite like it.

5. Decor

This one is important, as you won’t always want to be focused on a game or some type of technology. It’s a good idea to use pieces of art that makes a person think, as they can help to contribute to some pretty eye-opening thoughts with the right mindset. If black lights are chosen, then whites and fluorescents will be bright and noticeable, so posters that include these colors are one of the cheapest aesthetically pleasing options for decor. For lighter-toned smoking rooms, oil paintings, and educational maps are always excellent additions for a wandering mind.

6. Mini fridge


One of the most commonly felt side effects of smoking marijuana is dry mouth, and no-one wants to have to travel too far to quench their thirst. Having cold beverages handy can also help to curb coughing fits that get out of control and perk you up with a hearty dose of sugar and or caffeine. A mini-fridge filled with beverages like pop, juice, iced tea, lemonade and water, will always go over well after a good session.

7. Snack shelf

Another thing known for smoking marijuana is its ability to give us an insatiable hunger that is difficult to ignore. Though you might not have room for an entire kitchen in your smoking room, the addition of a few extras like a plugin kettle and microwave, alongside some instant coffee, tea, sugar, creamer and a variety of nuts and/or other salty snacks will satisfy cravings without too much preparation. Since you are probably going to be munching a lot, it might be a good idea to aim for healthier options like dry fruit, nuts, granola and other high protein snack foods.

8. Games

The great thing about games is that there is no age limit. Whether you like video games or old school board games, a good selection of options can help to keep the fun flowing, especially when you have company. Another great tool to have on hand is a deck of cards, which offers hundreds of different playing styles without taking up too much space.

9. Ventilation

Since you plan on smoking marijuana in this brand new lounge area, it’s a good idea to add in some extra ventilation. Older houses are the absolute worst for airflow, so the addition of a window fan that blows warm air and smoke outside is a cheap and efficient must-have accessory. This will help to keep gooey resins off the walls and keep the air clean, so you aren’t coughing anymore than you’ll have to. A good one will also prevent smells from traveling through the rest of the house which is ideal if you have children or live in an apartment building or any other type of shared residence.

10. Charging station

Now that everything else is in place, it’s time for the final finishing touch on the perfect space for marijuana and coffee. Most people like to read the paper or scroll through social media with their morning cup of Joe, and almost all of this has moved to an online platform that requires a phone or computer to access. There is nothing more annoying than getting ideally situated with a joint laid out and coffee cup in hand, all cozy in your chair, only to find your battery is about to die. Whether you are risking essential work files or just want to avoid the hassle for simpler reasons, a charging station that is equipped with both regular plugs and USB’s will solve all of your battery woes.

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