How to build a snowman that can be used to smoke weed

Published Dec 31, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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It’s the middle of winter, and it’s hard to find new and exciting things to do in the snow but making a snowman that you can smoke cannabis through is the perfect adult activity for this weather. It will keep you moving around and building up heat while having a blast either alone or with some stoner friends who could also use a way to kill some time and help you to enjoy the fresh white powder while it lasts.

Materials you will need

  • Plenty of snow
  • Toque
  • Weed pipe
  • Other decorating accessories (hat, buttons, etc.)
  • A thick plastic straw (or tube)

Steps to build a smokable snowman

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to locate a fresh patch of snow that is relatively untouched. The trouble with stomped on snow, is that the more it gets packed down and re-melts, the harder it will be to both roll it into a ball, and to drill out the necessary holes later. Once you find some, you are ready to move onto the next step of this snowman bong.

  2. Next, you will need to build up a base for your snowman, and it doesn’t have to be any particular size. You could make one that is as big as you or a tiny baby snowman but remember that you will need to be able to lean over the top of its head for this to work, so if it’s taller than you, it just won’t work. Since the base is the largest portion, it’s a good idea to make a ball that is around your knee level, which will ultimately leave you plenty of room to build the rest, without it reaching too high.

  3. Now for the middle, which should be just slightly smaller than the first to create a real snowman looking effect. Make sure it's good, round, and well packed with one slightly flattened surface to help with stability, before placing it onto the base snowball that you first built. If you want to really solidify the piece, then a small amount of water between each layer is an excellent idea.

  4. Onto the head, and this portion of the snowman should be approximately half of the size of the middle one, as it will be the head and the piece that will be hollowed out to act as a cooling snow bong. Roll it up just like you did with the others, and pack the snow for firmness, but not too hard, or it will be more challenging to work with.

  • Get out your weed pipe and size up a good nose hole spot for your snowman. Once you know where you want to place it, hollow out a tunnel that will snugly fit and hold onto the mouthpiece opening of the pipe. The tunnel that you carve should go halfway into the snowball so that upon drilling downwards later, every chamber will connect.

  • Push the weed pipe into place, and if necessary, put a bit of extra soft packing snow around the outer edges to assure that it won’t fall and hit the ground. It may be covered in snow right now, but if the piece is breakable and hits even the slightest pieces of ice, it could shatter.

  • Now look at the top of the snowman's head and drill a small mouth hole downwards until it meets the first tunnel that you made for the pipe. In case you can’t see, check by drawing air into your lungs from your freshly dug hole. Once there is little for resistance, you will know that you have successfully connected the two.

  • This is the perfect time to break out some décor like a top hat, or a button mouth to make it really resemble Frosty.

  • Your smokable snowman is now ready to use. To begin, remove any headwear, like hats, that might be blocking off the hole, fill up the bowl of the weed pipe with some finely ground cannabis of your choosing and spark it up with a lighter. Take a deep inhale from the hole and feel the difference as the cool smoke enters the lungs. A result that makes for a smoother more enjoyable hit that makes the entire project worth it.

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