How the Hemp Plastic Company is working towards a better future

Published Mar 2, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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We keep hearing about global problems that are happening right now as a result of years of environmental decay. Landfills are expanding and overflowing, CO2 emissions are through the roof, and a significant hike in temperatures is melting some of the world's largest glaciers right now. This is a critical point that has major implications warranting discussions and actions in an attempt to alter the course that we are currently on.

As we learn more about these problems and what they could mean for the future for not only ourselves, but also our children and all those who come after them, it’s not uncommon to find yourself asking what you could really do to make a difference. It all seems so wildly blown out of proportion, and if it really is as bad as the experts say, then how much change could one person really make? The truth is that everyone plays a vital role in how we handle the situation.

What we need to do in response, is change how we view some of the smallest everyday things that contribute to pollution. This is a really big deal, which usually only means small changes in routines that add up in the long run. One of the things that we find most of in landfills for decades after their disposal is plastic bags and bottles, and there are a few incredibly innovative companies out there who are tackling the problem head-on.

What is Hemp Plastic Company?

The Hemp Plastic Company is an American based business that’s aiming to remove as much plastic and polymer-based goods from the market as possible, by replacing them with an eco-friendly alternative, hemp plastic. Though their primary office runs out of Boulder Colorado, their reach spans far outside of American borders.

What they have to offer

The Hemp Plastic Company has designed a greener solution, through the creation and sale of hemp filled polymers for manufacturers who are interested in a plastic alternative. Unfortunately, they aren’t yet in the business of making hemp plastic bags or toys themselves, but they do bring to the table a unique opportunity through four different hemp polymer products that are ready to be molded into almost anything you can think of.

The four vastly different recipes are each designed for a specific purpose but combined, they can replace all fossil fuel-based polymers with ease. If you are interested in seeing what this amazing company has up for sale, then you should check them out by visiting them online at You just never know, they might have exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Hemp plastic

Hemp plastic contains no traces of actual plastic at all, and it was only given that name as it was designed as a replacement for the traditionally used material. It’s completely biodegradable and breaks down in less than ¼ of the time that it takes regular plastic bags to even begin the decomposition process, which makes it an environmentally friendly plastic alternative.

Though it might look exactly like the regular plastic that we all know so well, it’s structural and chemically the exact opposite, and its fast breakdown doesn’t impact quality at all. In fact, hemp plastic is up to ten times stronger than regular fossil-based polymers and can last much longer too, which means less ripping while you do need them.

Is hemp plastic a viable and affordable plastic alternative?

Sure, hemp plastic sounds like an ideal plastic alternative, but unless it’s a workable and affordable option, a lot of companies will have difficulty making the switch. For now, bioplastic like hemp plastic is a bit more expensive than more traditionally used materials, and it takes further financial investment to adapt machinery to use this new and exciting option, but if more companies were to get on board, that could change quite quickly.

As consumers, it is important to use your money as a playing piece in this battle against big plastic because it’s destroying the world around us as we know it today. Plastic is harmful to us, wildlife, and to the nature that we need in order to survive, and with such a perfect plastic alternative right in front of us, it would be irresponsible to look the other way. The time is now, and hemp plastic is the way of the future, so it’s time to get on board and to put pressure on big manufacturing companies to make the necessary switch.

A few interesting benefits of using hemp


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