How much do you spend on weed each year?

Published Oct 7, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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It’s a sensitive subject, particularly for those who spend far more money than they themselves feel comfortable with, but it’s something that is important to know if you’re looking for a scale to compare yourself with. Of course, here we’ve only got access to averages, which doesn't necessarily give you the whole picture, as those who only toke occasionally on the weekends are going to bring down the amount that we see as the average, but this guide should still give you a really good idea of what most stoners are spending on cannabis these days.

The definition of an average cannabis user

The real MVPs of cannabis will boast about the amount that they smoke or use, with many reporting spending hundreds of dollars each week to keep up to their daily habit, but the reality is that most pot users don’t use it every day. In fact, the majority of cannabis consumers report enjoying the herb on rare occasions, or as a social activity, so they aren’t smoking or buying a whole lot of green on a regular basis.

The study

The study, which is available at Americanmarijauna.org, was done through a survey that included 1003 respondents who have reportedly traveled to another state with legal cannabis. 306 participants use cannabis daily, 260 only a few times each week, 220 a few times per month, 186 used only a few times per year, and 31 said that they have never used cannabis. 54.1% of participants were male, 45.6% female, and less than 1% chosen not to disclose their gender.

Normal spending money

When looking at the average amount of spending money that enthusiasts part with for cannabis, researchers separated the responses according to gender. Men pay approximately $41.19 each week on their green, whereas women seemed to be willing to spend a little bit more, coming in at an average of $43.07 weekly.

However, the median spending money of both sexes combined is right in the middle, at $41.99, so the average cannabis consumer, regardless of gender, spends around $42.00 each week on cannabis or its derivatives. Now, if you are wondering how this weekly bill compares to how much those same people spend on eating out, well, it depends on who you ask.

For the most part, consumers didn’t report spending more on cannabis than they did dining out, but those who did, spend an average of 2X more. The normal amount of money that is reportedly spent on fast food by the same user is $51.85, which is just over $8 more than the average weekly budget for cannabis. Since most view eating out as a luxury, some prefer to compare the money spent on pot to the average grocery bill in households with cannabis consumers.


The average weekly grocery bill varies greatly depending on the number of people in a home, as well as the time spent away, which is why consumers were asked how much they spent on their own groceries alone. In response, cannabis users reported spending more than twice as much on groceries as they do on weed, at an average of $111.01 each week, which is approximately $69.00 more.

Cannabis tourism

The cannabis tourism industry is quickly expanding, and as it does, destination vacations that focus on the green are much more common, and this is a time where cannabis consumers seem to be the most comfortable with spending large amounts of money on pot products. Those seeking a 420 friendly experience spend an average of $264.74 during the course of 4.3 days.

It might not be surprising to learn that cannabis-loving travelers are willing to spend more, because that’s what a vacation is all about. Just relaxing, letting go, and enjoying every moment while you can, which is typically accepted as something that is expensive, but what is interesting is that they spend an average of only $20.00 more on their accommodations and a meager $167.81 to do fun things while they’re there, making cannabis one of the biggest expenses of such a trip.

If you’re wondering how those same consumers spend so much more on cannabis tourism than they do on a regular day, the truth is that they have way more spare time and indulge in a variety of more exotic cannabis products that can be pricier than regular buds. 69% splurge on edibles, 57.1% on buds, 38.8% on pre-rolls, 22.3% on CBD, 17.7% on THC oil, 17.1% on vape juice, 16.6% on concentrates, 13.4% on beverages, 6.8% on capsules, and 6.3% on skincare products.

How much do you spend on weed?

We know that some of these numbers are going to shock many of our readers, as those who are more immersed in the culture typically consume far more cannabis products, which is why we want to hear from you. How much do you spend in the average week on the green, and what types of products do you spend the most on? Drop us a comment with your answer down below, so that we can see the average among Cannabis.wiki readers.

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