How long is weed good for?

Published Jan 29, 2019 03:11 p.m. ET

 If you want your marijuana to stay potent and fresh for a long time, the key is in your storing methods. Let us make sure that our weed has been properly cured. We need to extract the moisture to prevent moldy weed. Certain conditions must be met to have long-term quality weed. Your weed must be stored in a cool dark place. Keep your marijuana away from the light. It is an enemy. It will degrade the THC and warmth will harvest mold. If cured correctly weed can last indefinitely. When storing your weed the thicker, the vacuum seal bags will ensure a better storage process. Great for those that have an abundance of herb to last them a whole year. You can compress your buds until they become hard like hash this way you could keep your herb indefinitely.

How to tell if weed is moldy

Mold can flourish quickly.  If you suspect your stash has mold, eradicate it immediately. Mold on weed looks very similar to mold on anything edible you have in your home. Mold feels like fur on top of your buds; it will form on top of the trichomes. It will not be sticky like good health nugs should.

The smell of mold is musty. Be careful if your weed smells moldy, you are probably inhaling it. If you can't smell or feel it, you will notice coughing and allergic reactions after smoking a joint.

What happens when you smoke moldy weed?

When you smoke moldy weed, you are setting up for a disaster in your lungs. The spores from the mold will find its way into the farthest lobes of your lungs. Here is a partial list of symptoms of mold intake — wheezing cough, fever, runny nose and reduced ability to smell. Your body can develop other infections if the mold travels.


More consequences of mold intake are headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, fungal lung infections, and Aspergillus. Our bodies can handle a few inhaled spores, when it comes to inhaling the spores directly like smoking weed, you are asking for trouble. An immune system  that is compromised and smokes mold will be especially risky. Don’t do it.

Some mold deterrents are tea tree oil, oregano, and peppermint, given in high concentrations they can help eradicate mold.

I can not stress enough how bad it is to smoke moldy weed. The taste is terrible, the smell nasty, and the result could be very negative to an auto-immune deficient person. Moldy weed can smell moldy or even like cat urine. If you put it under a black light it will glow green, a very common mold on weed is grey-green cotton candy mold.

You might ask yourself, what could be the worst that could happen to me? Well, the spores can settle in your lungs where they can grow to a large mold ball. These can be extremely hard to get rid of. Sometimes these balls require surgery to be removed.

Take a good look and smell of your weed; Your nose can tell you a lot. Be careful, but don’t let it scare you. As long as you store your weed carefully you should be fine.



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