How long does marijuana stay in your saliva?

Published Jan 29, 2019 03:05 p.m. ET

Marijuana detection in saliva

The detection of marijuana in saliva depends on a few things.  When the last time cannabis was used, what method you choose to use, and the potency of the marijuana that you are using.

THC can enter saliva through smoking or ingesting weed. This type of testing for weed can be used as a method of detecting THC in your body by the police. The saliva test will detect Delta9 THC. This molecule is found especially in the mouth of the smoker. The roadside test used in Canada can only detect Delta 9 THC for about four to six hours after using the herb. The test cannot detect past use, as it doesn’t detect the degradation of THC which can stay in a person system for days or weeks.

Positive detection of THC in saliva can be used to determine if you are impaired. Drugs take time to appear in urine tests, not so in saliva; it can show in 10-30 minutes.

Saliva swap drug test in Canada

The use of the Draeger Drug Test 5000 is the means that the Canadian government has chosen to administer the saliva test. This is a non-invasive way of testing. The person who administers the test must swab the inside of the mouth of the subject being tested for up to four minutes; it is also recommended the subject not eat or drink for ten minutes before testing. All of this makes for a time-consuming method of roadside test.

This equipment is also not reliable in climates under 4 degrees Celsius and above 40 degrees Celsius. Parts of Canada do not meet the temperature requirements. It is therefore assumed that the tests will need to be administered in the climate-controlled cruisers. This could result in long waits for you if you are stopped and administered a test.


Try this to help achieve a negative result

THC hides in the fat tissues where it is released slowly. Hoping that you have notification of your impending saliva test, you need to brush those teeth at least three times a day. Make sure that you pay particular attention to your tongue and cheeks. Drink lots of water. It is time to indulge in those high-fat content foods. THC loves to be absorbed in fat.

If your test is imminent, drinking water immediately before your test is suggested. Next, hold some of that water in your mouth. The swab will absorb the water as opposed to your full-strength saliva. So now the swab is getting diluted saliva for the test.

Another way to be prepared for any surprise saliva testing is to purchase some products that are available on the market. Gum that has hydrogen peroxide inside the gum pouches work. Chewing them enables the hydrogen peroxide to be released. Hydrogen peroxide is an adulterant one that interferes with drug testing. Mouthwash if available will aid in not giving a positive result also. Why not carry a little sample in the glove compartment for a fresh mouth if you have to speak to the officer?

If you do fail the saliva test, you will be subjected to further testing. This could be at the police station. Ultimately, this may not be something you want to risk so we advise you to avoid smoking around the time you’ll be driving completely. Be responsible!



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