How and why to corner a bowl explained

Published Mar 5, 2019 01:11 p.m. ET

While there are many popular stoner etiquette rules that are followed religiously like puss puff pass or pass to the left, it seems one of the least popular methods may also be one of the most beneficial for both the smoker and those share a bowl with. Cornering a bowl comes with benefits far beyond making your weed go a little further.

What is cornering a bowl?

Cornering a bowl is the practice of lighting only a small portion of the fresh green herb that is packed within a bowl each time a user takes a toke.

How to cherry a bowl?

Cherrying often occurs as a happy accident after someone corners a bowl. A cherried bowl is one that contains a smoldering ember at the bottom allowing every person to take a drag without having to light it again. This helps to conserve lighter fuel and weed.

How to light a bowl using cornering?

There are three different techniques you could use to corner a bowl of marijuana.

  1. Tilting - You can tilt your smoking device to control the amount of dried herb you are lighting at a time. Just lean it slightly to the side and use your lighter to spark one section of the bowl as you inhale.

  2. Light the Rim - This method is preferred by those who have fragile smoking devices or bongs that require water and cannot be safely tipped. When cornering a bowl from the rim, you will want to hold a lighter up to the edge of the bowl rim until some of the cannabis ignites.

  • Hemp Wick - One of the least used but most efficient techniques used to light a bowl of marijuana is a hemp wick. Hemp wicks are fool proof and an all-natural option which will take any guesswork out of cornering. Simply line your bowl with a hemp wick and pack it as usual. Only instead of sparking the weed directly with a lighter, you will just light the tip of the wick. It will slowly burn through the bowl allowing for a flawless passing and sharing of a bowl without any need for a lighter beyond the initial spark.

  • Benefits of cornering a bowl of marijuana

    No Chemicals - Cornering a bowl forces the user to hold the lighter as far from the bowl as possible which also keeps any harmful or bad tasting fuels or chemicals from being drawn in with the smoke. This means less aftertaste when using heating elements like Zippos which are known for their effect on flavor.

    Slower Burn - Cornering a bowl of marijuana will allow the herb to slowly smolder away rather than torching it all in one hit. This will give you the ability to get several rounds out of a single bowl.

    Conserves Weed - Cornering saves your herb by burning slower which means you must pack fewer bowls. Lighting a bowl of marijuana in this way can easily double the number of hits you get from each bowl.

    Cherried Bowl Effect - As mentioned above the cherried bowl effect is quite often associated with and caused by cornering. Since you only burn one section, it will burn all the way to the bottom igniting the bottom center of the bowl once it has cherried than there is no longer any need for a lighter or torch.

    Preserves Flavor - The terpenes that marijuana naturally produces are what are responsible for providing some of the best smells and flavors we love from our favorite strains. Once dried herb it burnt those terpenes go right up in smoke. This leaves every other person who takes a hit after you with whatever is left which is generally a burnt taste. Leaving fresh grind for each person will give every single person included a good chance to experience the full flavor of the cannabis you are smoking.



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