Handy ways to get moisture into your dried-up cannabis buds

Published May 21, 2019 10:42 a.m. ET
Help me I have dry weed! Photo by Ndispensable on Unsplash

What do you do when the bud you are trying to break up to roll a joint crumbles into powder? This is dry weed, still smokable, but harsh on the throat and the taste seems a little off. You know it was not like that when your first brought it home, so what happened? If you left your weed exposed to the elements, perhaps you left the container open, then you may have an issue. This is something that can be corrected, but the original taste and state that you first got your stash in, is now compromised.

There are a couple of common reasons why you may have dry weed.

• Over drying after you have harvested your plant
• Incorrect storage of your stash

After harvesting your buds and hanging them to dry is a time when moisture is removed from the buds by the outside drying first. The inside of the bud may still be quite moist. Some growers believe the stem snap approach for when the bud is dry; others use a more scientific approach. The bud, when ready, is trimmed and stored in an airtight container. This method will preserve the taste and quality of your stash. If you store your buds in a paper bag or even a plastic bag, you run the risk of the bud continuing the process of exchanging air and water in the bud. You may be left with very dry weed.

What happens if you didn’t follow that process and you now wonder how to make dry weed moist?

Marijuana is a versatile plant as it can put water from the bud back into the air; the opposite can occur, thankfully. The bud can suck water molecules back into the dry bud.

The bud needs to be re-hydrated; there are several methods of accomplishing this task. Here are a few worth trying if you are wondering how to fix dry weed. Some of the methods here can add flavors to your dry weed, while some are non-flavoring.

For a non-flavoring technique, you will need a moistened slice of bread, not dripping wet, iceberg lettuce leaves or a plain damp paper towel.

• Place the dry weed in a heavy zip lock bag, put your choice of one of the options, on top of the dry weed, close the bag and let it absorb the water from what one you choose. A good indication of how much moisture you put back in the bud is how dry the bread, lettuce, or paper towel feels. You may need to repeat this step a few times, just don’t rush it. Rehydrating takes time. Be mindful not to over moist whatever your tool is, you do not want to encourage mold to transfer from the tool to your beautiful but dry weed.

When you are satisfied with the moistness that has returned to your bud, store the precious stash in an airtight container. You will now be safe to store it for a prolonged time without compromising your weed anymore that you already have.

For a transfer of flavours and tastes try the fruit peel method. Use the same procedure. Oranges and limes are a common fruit used. Monitoring is needed, and replacing the peel every couple of days may be necessary. Bananas are also a nice fruit to use. However, the taste is transferred quickly. There is a thought out there that bananas can make your dry weed more potent, just a thought.

If you are desperate and up for the challenge, a quick fix is by bringing a large pot of water to the boil. Remove from the heat and cover the pot with a piece of fabric, securing it with a heavy-duty rubber band. Place the dry weed on top and let science do its work. The hot water vapor will be drawn through the cloth providing the dry weed with hydration in a quick time. Make sure that you take time to rotate the weed so that it hydrates evenly.

Now that you know how to make dry weed moist, remember, the secret is never to let it start that way or deteriorate to that state by careless storage. Enjoy!



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