Glass jars, are they really the best weed storage choice?

Published Jan 21, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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One of the longest struggles of any cannabis enthusiast is figuring out the ideal storage containers, which has spawned a massive selection of different products designed to do just that, but some of the most sold and preferred options might not be the best ones out there. In fact, with the majority of cannabis and glass storage combinations, you are probably better off leaving your stash in the smell proof container or bag that it came in from the dispensary.

What’s wrong with cannabis and glass?

In many scenarios, cannabis and glass are an ideal combination, as glass pipes and bongs are among the top-rated by connoisseurs everywhere, but when it comes to gently hugging and protecting your weed, glass is a terrible material choice, and these are the main reasons why:

1. Non-adjustable

Glass jars can look really fancy, but they are far from technologically advanced. Whatever size the glass jar is, it’s all it will ever be, as there is no way to shrink it down to suit the size of your stash and that leaves far too much breathing room for the delicate marijuana buds to bounce around against the hard surface. Though it might not seem like much, it’s enough to slowly degrade what’s inside down to a fine powder. Since most cannabis enthusiasts rather enjoy the look and feel of full cannabis buds, opening a glass jar full of a weed grind that you weren’t expecting can be disheartening.

2. No protection from harmful UV rays or heat

Cannabis and glass is a great combination when it comes to smoking devices because it is clear, which makes it easy to clean, and it releases no harmful fumes when it’s exposed to heat, but with storage containers, the situation is much grimmer. The glass and its transparency can put your precious marijuana buds at risk by exposing them to harmful UV rays, that after some time, turn into an extended period of heat.

The cannabinoids in cannabis that provide the active effects like THC and CBD will almost immediately begin to degrade after light exposure, and the heat makes the problem even worse, as it dries out the buds within. The results of using glass jars as a long-term storage option are often less effective cannabis, and no one wants their powerful buds to be reduced to nothing from improper storage.

3. They are heavy

Glass has a widely known downside of being incredibly heavy, as the only way to make it lighter is to produce products that are thinner, which will greatly diminish their strength and durability. Sure, you can opt for a smaller, more compact version, but even then, it probably isn’t going to fit comfortably in your pocket for easy transport, and if it ever does get dropped you know that it’s going to smash into a million different bits and pieces ruining your stash instead of providing protection.

4. Only holds one kind of weed

Glass jars don’t offer a whole lot for choices in situations where you have more than one kind of weed on hand at a time. Some try to slide in a piece of cardboard into the smell proof container, but that doesn’t stop the two from slowly mixing. In some cases, this could be considered a positive quality, especially if you have one mediocre quality that’s being enhanced with something special.

However, in most cases, we buy different kinds of weed so that we can experience different variations of effects, and mixing your weed isn’t going to help you to get that done. You don’t want a couch locking strain mixing with one that you’d use to stay clear-headed and motivated throughout the day. Otherwise, you will lose control over their impact, and that’s not what most cannabis connoisseurs want.

5. Expensive

This one might shock you as most comparable smell proof container options come at a cost that is higher than a typical mason jar, but the truth is that they don’t last, and one is never quite enough for anyone who smokes more than one kind of cannabis at a time. So even though they might initially seem like a cheap or affordable solution, long term, they are nothing of the sort.

How long does weed last in storage?

This is a long-debated question that is difficult to answer because the method of storage is essential to the equation. All the things that are mentioned above, like light or heat exposure, can quickly degrade cannabis buds, reducing the quality and life expectancy accordingly. However, in the ideal conditions, dry weed can often last for a full year or more before it begins to break down as it naturally degrades from age.


Safer alternatives

Almost any smell proof container on the market today is a safer option than regular glass jars, but some of the best are usually those that provide a comfortable, best for the buds to rest on, and an adjustable shape and or size to accommodate any size of stash as safely as possible. When all is said and done, the bags that your dispensary put the buds in is a safer bet than glass jars of any shape or size.

How to protect your weed while it’s in a glass jar

Now, if you find yourself stuck in the unfortunate situation where all you have is a glass jar to store your cannabis, then you will have to make due, and that’s where some of these long utilized tips and tricks come in.

1. Block out the light

One of the biggest problems with glass jars is that they let all the harsh light in, but this is something that is fixable with some thick paper and glue or dark paint. Just cover the outsides of the entire glass container, and you won’t have to worry about keeping your stash hidden in a deep dark cupboard for safety.

2. Install a cushion

Another problem that we mentioned above is the fact that glass jars are not adjustable, so unless they are kept crammed full, your buds are going to bounce around and slowly break apart. To avoid this, you can use a clean cloth, paper towel, or any other soft sanitary material with your weed, which will take up the empty space and stop the cannabis from degrading from mere movement alone.

3. Try your best to keep the jar stationary

Even if you take the advice from step two, you will want to keep the jar in a secure location where it isn’t getting banged around too much. Otherwise, you will risk the glass getting cracked or broken, and even when it doesn’t, the vibrations from small drops can often be enough to damage your weed, so it’s best to avoid unnecessary movement whenever possible.

4. Drop-in moisture packets

Another issue with glass jars is that they aren’t very good at maintaining moisture levels, and it doesn’t take much heat to make them sweat which will either dry out or mold the weed that’s inside. Luckily, a fast and easy solution is as easy as picking up some moisture packets and changing them out ever so often so that they’ll stay effective. This one small step will help to keep your buds at that perfect state of moisture content that means soft and fresh cannabis that looks like it was just freshly cured for consumption.

5. Keep it sealed

Glass jars work as an excellent smell proof container that can hold weed long term under the right circumstances, but it’s only going to work if you make sure to keep them sealed as much as possible. Every single time the seal around the lid is opened small amounts of moisture will escape, which can dry out your herb and lead to a powderized stash if you aren’t careful.

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