Getting To Know Your Cannabinoids With Dynaleo, Innovating Canada’s Leading Cannabis Infused Edibles

Published Dec 14, 2022 01:14 p.m. ET
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Cannabis is awesome but it can also be a little complicated. To keep things simple we’ve created this helpful guide you can use as a reference or a jumping off point for a deep dive into cannabinoids. Whether you’re a new or seasoned consumer we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know your cannabinoids!

THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol

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Also known as Delta-9, THC is one of the most famous of the over 100 known cannabinoids. It is also the one that gives us the “high” or elevated feeling. However it also is one of the cannabinoids responsible for cannabis’s pain relieving and appetite stimulating effects. THC was first discovered in 1964 by Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulan.

CBD - Cannabidiol

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Non-intoxicating phytocannabinoid, CBD has been approved for some treatments of epilepsy, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and can be used to treat skin conditions topically. CBD was first discovered in 1940 by combining wild hemp and cannabis resin.

CBN - Cannabinol

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There is promise that CBN can support sleep challenges as well as pain relief and appetite stimulation. Usually formed from oxidation and storage of cannabis, it’s a milder and less intoxicating form of THC. CBN was the first cannabinoid to be discovered in the late 1800s.

Delta 8 - Tetrahydrocannabinol

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Delta 8 is one of the more recent cannabinoid discoveries and we are still learning about its potential for pain relief and mood support. However early signs point to milder, less psychoactive effects as THC.

Want to learn more about Delta 8? Check out this handy FAQ from Dynaleo.

CBG - Cannabigerol

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Known as a minor cannabinoid, CBG has been seen to reduce inflammation, assist in pain relief and helps reduce anxiety. CBG was first discovered in 1964 by scientists in Israel.

What about the other 100 (or more) cannabinoids?                            

Of course we’ve only scratched the surface here but we hope we’ve activated your curiosity for your own research on this and so many others that make up this wonderful plant. If there’s something you’d like to learn about or to find out more about our products and team click here.



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