5 reasons why you might want to grow a hemp plant

Published Jan 17, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Hemp has been used for many different purposes since early BC. Hemp is great for clothing and rope, and it’s made using an array of different methods that were discovered way back in time by our ancestors. Hemp plants are very environmentally friendly and really easy to grow.

The federal laws in Canada state that we are within our lawful rights to grow four plants without question. That's pretty amazing. Some people choose to use hemp for the CBD properties it holds. Some like to have their very own hemp seeds. Whatever your reason is, you would be growing a plant that we all should be celebrating for its uniqueness.

1. Hemp and nutrition
Hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants and is a strain from the Sativa strain family. Hemp is grown for the many products that can come from the hemp plant. Hemp hearts are the new craze and provide a nutty flavour to all kinds of foods. Just sprinkle some hemp hearts on top of your favourite dish, and there you have added some fantastic flavour!

CBD oil can be extracted from the hemp plant as well. The hemp oil can be used in recipes or as a straight-up tincture, and hemp protein powder may be added to shakes cereals and or any other dishes you might like. Hemp is full of minerals fatty acids and amino acids that our body requires.

2. Environment
Whether you are growing your four allotted plants, or you chose to be a hemp farmer, you will get benefits from this plant. Hemp cleanses the soil and it takes about four months from start to finish to grow and harvest.

3. Paper
Paper can be made from this plant, thus saving our trees because it takes way less time to grow, whereas trees takes many years. Using hemp to make paper instead of trees is an excellent start in saving the trees and the environment.


4. Body care
Hemp has some very natural oils that are great for use in lotions, shampoo, and soaps. You can also find hemp bath bombs, cosmetics and many other body care products

5. Fabrics
Hemp is a great fabric, much more durable than cotton, and it does not get mouldy. Making rugs out of hemp is excellent as well as flags, rope, jeans, shoes, and clothing. This material is waterproof, so it makes for an excellent fabric for virtually anything your heart desires. Hemp can also replace plastics and fuel for diesel engines.

The hemp plant, as you can see, could very well be the answer to many of the environmental issues that we are facing today. Hemp is quickly becoming more popular as people discover al the beneficial properties that it holds.

The cosmetic industry is even coming to the market with some great products made from hemp, along with apparel companies that use the only hemp. It has natural a durability that beats almost all other fabrics. If you choose to grow hemp, you are not going to be disappointed in the rewards that you will receive. We are grateful for this plant to be legal and usable for the better good of our planet and our health.

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