First Nations traditional use of peace pipes and marijuana

Published Feb 21, 2019 12:56 p.m. ET

Marijuana is legal now as of October 17, 2018, in Canada. The native Ojibway Peoples’ are proud of their traditional use of natural medicine. These medicines include the use of marijuana, herbs, and teas.

The Ojibway elders use their traditional medicines to heal the mind body and spirit they also use the powers of the peace pipe.

Marijuana and Native American Culture

Marijuana is deeply rooted in the traditions of the native culture for medicinal and religious purposes. Marijuana is one of the plants used in aboriginal smoking ceremony. Native sacred pipes were usually made of wood. The pipe was then covered in rawhide. Elk was often used for the mouthpiece and bowl

Peace Pipes

Yes, they are the real deal, and some do contain marijuana. A Native American weed pipe or peace pipe is used for many different and specific ceremonies and blessings. The pipes that are used are alive. The person who is in charge of these pips has an important role in the community. Peace pipes are given names.

Native Americans have recognized the medicinal uses for marijuana for many years. Using the seeds that have been soaked and softened are beneficial for easing the gas that can be trapped in our stomachs.

The root of the plant is used by Native Americans for inflammation in the head or joints. The pain from hip joints or gout is also eased when using the marijuana plant. After a sickness, the Native American would use marijuana “to build the body” back to its pre-sickness healthy balanced time. The marijuana plant provided stimulation to help in the recovery process, build back their strength and aid with their psychological need. This outlines the concept of the pipe _ to provide peace to mind body and spirit.

There is a belief among the Native American that great visionaries would gain an insight into visions by packing their pipes with marijuana. The visionaries believed that their visions were intensified with the use of the cannabis that was smoked in the peace pipes.


Sovereignty treaty rules allow tribes to have more freedom on the reserves when dealing with marijuana. The revenue that the marijuana business has generated on reserve is positive. Jobs have been created on reserves that before marijuana businesses, had little else to offer their members. I think that the marijuana industry may perhaps be a solution in part as a positive outlook on the financial troubles that reserves can experience.

Strains used for meditation and thought-provoking feelings of peace and harmony:

Green Crack: Invigorating effects that will inspire mental imagery and help in the changing of your perspectives.

Sour Jack: Uplifting providing balance and peace. Will help focus on gratitude and relieve depression and stress.

Skywalker: Will provide relief from stress while we meditate. This strain will provide clarity.

Hindu Kush: This strain provides a hypnotic-like experience. Smoking this strain in a peace pipe will provide an altered state of mind. The Hindu Kush is perfect for entering a meaningful vision, within the healing circle that the peace pipe is smoked at.

The sacred peace pipe is holy and was used to communicate between sacred beings and humans. The narcotic effects of the herbs in the pipe with the symbolism when the smoke is indrawn and exhaled solidified that the communication was taking place.

Whether you are using a pipe for your method of consumption or something else, be responsible and respect the marijuana plant, Mother Nature and the Creator, enjoy!



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