Everything you should know about ice water wax extracts

Published Mar 6, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET

What is ice wax?

Ice water wax is a concentrate that is created using a solvent-less extraction method that utilized both ice and water to draw out the THC and trichomes from frozen marijuana plant material. Ice wax is one form of bubble hash that is thoroughly filtered resulting in a pure product that contains an average 99% of THC content and has a consistency that is unique as it is not a thick liquid, but more of a grainy crystal texture.

What is ice water extraction?

Most traditional types of hashare created using a butane, alcohol, or another solvent to extract the necessary components like terpenes, THC, and CBD. Ice water extraction uses the strong force of temperature instead of by washing frozen solid plant material with low-temperature water. Once it has been rinsed the results are then filtered through several different bubble screens resulting in one of the purest forms of THC out there.

How to make ice wax  

Ice water extraction is one of the safest ways to make your THC concentrate as there are no flammable solvents or cooking required. One of the best things about this method is that you can use either bud of leaf trimmings to make it. If you are using bud than you will need to begin with at least one quarter (7 grams). If you are using leaf scraps than you will likely want to triple that amount. To make your ice wax dabs AKA bubble hash, you will need to gather and prepare a few things first.

Materials required

  • 1 large bag of ice
  • 1 quarter (at least) of dried weed or 3 quarters of leaf trimmings
  • Ice cold water
  • 3 large plastic buckets
  • 6 bubble bowls (including 30, 53, 68, 90, and 120)
  • 1 misting bottle
  • 1 flat plastic card (credit card, debit card, or gathering card)
  • 1 workbag
  • 1 wooden spoon or stick

Step 1 - Line one of your buckets using a work bag.

Step 2 - Create layers of ice and bud one on top of the other over and over until you run out of plant material. Ensure the final layer is a good thick one of ice.

Step 3 - Pour the cold water into the bucket that contains the layers you just made. Do so slowly until all of the layers are completely submerged.

Step 4 - Let the bucket that is filled with the mixture sit for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5 - Once your mixture has chilled, you can add a bit more water to the bucket and stir the mixture using a wooden spoon or stick. Continue to mix for 20-15 minutes.

Step 6 - Once 20-25 minutes have passed, you can remove the work bag from the solution. Squeeze it before setting aside to gather every bit of liquid from it.

Step 7 - Now you will need to get out your bubble bowls over another bucket. Use bowls 68-160 stacked in a pile that is pressed tightly together.


Step 8 - Pour the mixture into the second bucket. You may have to do this slowly to avoid an overflow and wasted product.

Step 9 - Once all the solution has been filtered through the bubble bowls, you will need to slowly remove them one by one. Begin by lifting the entire pile and tilting it on a slight angle. You can slowly drain the remaining fluid using circular swirling motions while picking up each bowl as it has completely emptied and set it to the side. To be extra certain you have pulled every drop from each dish you can rinse each one using a mister bottle.

Step 10 - Over the third bucket set the two-bubble bowls that are left stacked together on top of the bucket and then filter the mixture again through bowls 30 and 53.

Step 11 - Now gather the ice wax from both stacks using a plastic or metal card.

Step 12 - You now have a 99% pure ice wax that is ready to use.

Benefits of ice water extraction

  • No harmful or flammable chemicals.
  • Extracts terpenes that contribute to both the flavor and taste of the concentrate.
  • Ice water extraction is the only method that is legal to use across most of the world.
  • No heat required.
  • The fastest extraction method out there.
  • No residues making for a completely pure product.

How to use ice water wax

Ice water wax is unique because it isn’t a spreadable liquid and isn't a breakable sheet. In its basic form, it can be sprinkled into a joint or over a bowl. However, those methods will all waste a fair amount of the product. One of the most popular ways of using ice water wax is by creating ice wax dabs. Since a powdery substance can be difficult to work with and measure evenly, most experienced dabbers will turn it into a sheet that resembles shatter to make it easier to work with.

How to make ice wax dabs

Materials needed

  • parchment paper
  • solvent-less concentrate
  • pressing tool (carb caps, flat edged bowls, dabbers, or a hash press)
  • torch
  • 1 nail
  • scissors or razor


  1. Take one sheet of parchment paper and fold it into four squares that overlap. You may have to trim it to achieve a manageable size.
  2. Hold the parchment paper so that the crease created a dip that you can fill with ice wax. Fill it enough that you see a clear dark line at the bottom of the paper. Approximately 1 cm wide.
  3. Use your fingers to press the ice water wax until it is flat.
  4. Use a torch to heat up whatever tool you have chosen to press it with. The trick is to heat the surface you will press with lightly enough that you can handle it without getting burns yourself or burning the paper.
  5. Once you have heated your pressing tool, you can lay the parchment paper down on a flat surface and rub the heated tool back and forth over the line of ice wax held within. This is called dry sifting and how much pressure you place on your device will determine the thickness of your sheet of ice wax dabs. Continue until the tool has completely cooled.
  6. Allow the paper to sit for five to ten minutes to cool down enough to solidify.
  7. Now your ice wax dabs just need to be cut to size. Use scissors or a razor to cut the line while it is still inside of the parchment paper.
  8. Enjoy! You now have individual portions of ice wax dabs that are easy to use.


To maintain freshness and potency, you should always store finished concentrates inside of an airtight contain in a cool dark place.



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