Everything you need to know about laced weed

Published Mar 6, 2019 11:44 a.m. ET

The most important thing to note is that the lacing of marijuana using other drugs or substances is rarely done for several reasons. Most drugs are much more expensive and harder to obtain than dried cannabis, so it is highly unlikely your local dealer is lacing anything as it would make more sense to sell the drugs in their pure form for more money. Despite this fact, it does sometimes happen, so it is good to be aware of potential side effects to look out for after smoking questionable cannabis.

What does laced weed mean?

Laced weed is dried cannabis that has been combined with another drug or substance. Most often laced weed is something that someone creates without any intention of hiding it.

How to tell if  your weed is laced

There are numerous ways a person can check to see if their marijuana is maced with an unwanted foreign substance. However, the first and most affordable step is visual inspections of the product. Different drugs used with have varying effects on the look, taste, and smell of cannabis when ingested. Weed is usually laced for a reason such as trying to enhance the effects of marijuana.  Unfortunately, there are some drugs that are added discreetly in secret unbeknownst to any potential customers.  The results of some of these drugs are much more potent and dangerous than dried herb on its own, so it is essential to be aware. Always purchase from a trusted source and visually inspect any dried cannabis before consuming it.

Weed Laced with acid or LSD

Acid can be nearly impossible to detect by eye as it exists in several forms which are mostly liquids that are easily sprayed onto dry marijuana without any noticeable difference in the look or smell. LSD is usually used to lace weed by dipping a pre-rolled joint tip in it, or it will be dripped onto a bud. Because of this is it one of the hardest to detect by eye. The best way to avoid LSD laced pot is by saying no to any pre-rolled joint purchases. While LSD does have a sweet smell, it is hard to distinguish from natural weed aromas.

Side Effects of Weed Laced with Acid or LSD
Powerful hallucinogenic effects that can be overwhelming and last for upwards of twelve hours. The majority of LSD’s effects are mind altering.

Weed laced with PCP

Unfortunately, some drug dealers will add PCP to their dried marijuana in an attempt to make a terrible product seem effective. PCP laced weed is also known as dusted, fry, and super weed. Luckily PCP is easy to spot as it is sprinkled on the outside of a plant and is a very unnatural white color.

Side effects of PCP laced weed
PCP is a hallucinogen, and even small amounts of the chemical can be enough to make you feel completely detached from your body. Users are known to display aggressive behaviors and experience strong delusions and hallucinations including auditory and visual visions. PCP can cause seizures and cause permanent neurological damage. Other side effects of ingesting PCP AKA embalming fluid laced weed are numbness, loss of coordination, slurred speech patterns, involuntary eye movements, and elevated temperature.

Weed laced with coke

Coke is a bright white powdery substance that can be sprinkled on dried cannabis without much change is the way it looks. However, since it is so unnaturally white, it is one of the few substances that is detectable by high. Particularly for anyone who is experienced with marijuana use. When viewed up close it will not appear to contain crystals and will look more like flour that sticks to the baggie or jar.

Side effects of weed laced with coke
Coke produces an intense short-lasting high that is often followed by feelings of depression. Coke can also cause heart palpitations, increased heart rate, involuntary muscle spasms, paranoia, and convulsions. Due to the drugs addictive qualities a user often finds themselves craving more after only one use. Other side effects include epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and erratic or irrational actions.

Weed laced with ketamine

Ketamine is a medication often used in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions and comes in pill form. When weed is laced with Ketamine, the pills are usually crushed up and dusted over dried cannabis. This powder can appear either white or yellow and like coke will look more like flour than the crystals you would traditionally expect to see.

Side effects of weed laced with ketamine
Ketamine is used as a sedative and as a result has dissociative properties that can make you feel like you are in a whole different universe. Other side effects include temporary paralysis, derealization, inability to respond to visual or spoken cues, dizziness, impaired memory, feeling as if time has slowed down, vivid hallucinations, and psychosis that can last upwards of twelve hours.

Weed laced with Fentanyl


Fentanyl is another drug that is easily hidden due to its liquid form. Visually you will likely notice no difference in laced marijuana. The most significant difference is usually an overall weight difference or a sticky unnatural feeling substance that is only coated on the outside of the bud.

Side effects of weed laced with fentanyl
Fentanyl is incredibly dangerous in even low doses. It was intended as a potent narcotic and only prescribed to those with debilitating pain generally from ailments such as cancer or recent surgery. This drug is over 100 times more potent than morphine and is known for small doses being toxic enough to lead to death. Side effects of Fentanyl are an overdose, loss of appetite, feeling of being fuzzy and completely pain-free, indigestion, vomiting, cramps, constipation, shallow breathing, inflammation, swelling, and lowered blood pressure.

Weed laced with laundry detergent

This is one of the easiest substances to find with a naked eye. The smell alone is a huge giveaway. Marijuana will never smell like soap or fabric softener naturally. Soap also leaves a thick, sticky residue or blueish crystals that don’t even come close to imitating naturally occurring sticky resins or crystals of a marijuana plant. Detergent is only ever added because of its ability to add a pleasant scent and more weight making the dealer more money.

Side effects of weed laced with laundry detergent
Side effects include soap poisoning, sore throat, vomiting, and difficulty breathing.

Weed laced with heroin

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs that weed could potentially be laced with. Often added to dried herb without informing customers to get them addicted. It ensures a customer will always come back as no other weed will be able to produce the same effects. Heroin can sometimes be found by a visual inspection due to its brown or yellow color, and its strong vinegar smell.

Side effects of weed laced with heroin
Some of the side effects of heroin laced weed are similar to those of marijuana only much more intense. Heroin can make you feel euphoric or relaxed but also comes saddled with more adverse reactions like immediate addiction, meaning cravings for more will begin immediately once the initial effects have worn off. Other side effects included shallow breaths, slowed heart rate, overwhelming feelings of confusion, and paranoia.

Weed laced with opium

Opium is generally found in either liquid or pill form. Pill form will produce a bright white or beige powder that can be seen gathering in the bottom of the bag and falling off of bud when it’s picked up. If a liquid version is added, it’s impossible to tell until the user ingests it.

Side effects of weed laced with opium
Adverse reactions and effect of smoking opium are anxiety, blurry vision, vomiting, chest pain, chills or sweating, coma, coughing, small pupils, difficulty breathing, raised heart rate, depression, confusion, dizziness, hallucinations, headaches, intense mood swings, seizures, shaking, leg swelling, and tiredness or weakness.

Weed laced with crack

Crack is not a liquid nor a powder and is usually small white balls that are added to pre-rolled joints. Visual inspection of crack laced weed would find tiny white looking pebbles scattered throughout a joint.

Side effects of weed laced with crack
Crack produces short-lived but powerful euphoric sensations that are often followed by a dramatic drop in mood presenting as depression and edginess. A user can quickly become hostile and aggressive. Adverse reactions that can be expected from consuming crack laced weed are a loss of appetite, increased heart rate, sweating, vomiting, erratic behavior, hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, convulsions, and seizures.

What to do if you or someone you know has ingested laced weed

Reach out and contact 911 and poison control immediately. Many of the drugs and substances used to lace weed can result in long-term consequences including death from overdose. If you or someone you know has ingested laced marijuana quickly obtaining proper medical care asap can be crucial for the overall outcome.



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