Everything you need to know about drug testing at home

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:03 p.m. ET

 Whether you are an employer looking for a reliable, cost effective-way to test employees, a parent wondering what your child’s been up to or an average Joe wanting to be sure you could pass one, home drug tests are widely misunderstood and confusing. There are three main methods used when testing at home for marijuana. There are hair follicle tests, saliva tests, and urine tests.

How accurate are home drug tests?

Marijuana users who must consent to a drug test are often concerned about their ability to pass a test, and how long exactly they should abstain from using cannabis to ensure negative results. THC and CBD are absorbed by the body's fat cells meaning for those who have a higher fat content; results could come as positive for longer than someone who doesn’t. There are other things that can affect the accuracy of a test such as the frequency of a person's use. The more you ingest, the longer it will remain detectable in your system with results varying by as much as 30 days difference between a casual user and a heavy user and how long they can test positive for. It is important to note that the majority of drug tests are less accurate as time passes and that there is no set standard for marijuana tests that are sold on the market over the counter.

Most accurate home drug test

To decide which test will provide the accuracy you are looking for, there are several things you need to take into consideration. Some tests only provide a positive or negative, while others can give an approximate time frame for use. A Dollar Store Drug Test will not be nearly as accurate as any we will list here and should be purchased only as a last resort. If your job or benefits depend on a negative result than it is safest to purchase a recommended kit. To help, we will provide you with the three most recommended and most accurate at home drugs tests available.

  1. Saliva test - The Insta Cube Home Test
    Cost: $23 Accurate- Up to one week after last use.
    Most recommended when fast results are needed the Insta Cube at home saliva test. This test will screen for cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and marijuana. A popular feature of this one is that it allows you to either photocopy or document the results in a company log. Saliva tests are most preferred by parents and supervisors alike because they can give the added assurance of being administered while supervised. Results take approximately 20 minutes, and results are advertised as 99.5% accurate.

  2. Urine test - The K2 Prescreen Specialty Drug Test
    Cost: $29 Accurate- Up to four weeks after last use.
    This test is used by dipping a strip into a pre-collected urine sample for 10 seconds with results taking only 20 seconds to be revealed. This one alone will screen for opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, and marijuana. A separate, more sensitive strip can be purchased at a slightly higher cost that will also test for spice or K2. Boasting a high 98.9% accuracy this one is most widely used by employers for its price, convenience, and reliability.

  3. Hair follicle test - The Seven Panel Hair Confirm Drug Test Express
    Cost: $50 Accurate- Up to three months after last use.
    There is no such thing as an instant hair follicle test. However, this one is the most recommended by pharmacists and most reliable if you’re willing or able to be patient. Hair follicle tests are most widely administered by worried parents who want more than just a positive or negative reading. This one will screen a user’s drugs use for the past 90 days accurate and will detect amphetamines, methamphetamines, ecstasy (MDMA), opiates, phencyclidine, and marijuana. The only downside to this follicle test is that it must be sent away for results which can take up to five business days to arrive, but the company SIMPLY does offer a recurring test option every three months or testing which is included in the cost of the kit.

Where can I buy a drug test over the counter?

While you can find home drug testing kits almost anywhere including your local Dollarama, it is always recommended to go with a trusted, well-established brand that is going to cost most than a dollar or two. The ones we have listed here can be purchased directly through the companies but can also be found online like by visiting websites like Amazon who also provides prompt and discreet home delivery.


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