Everything you need to know about bong water flavoring

Published Dec 8, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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The cannabis plant boasts a wide array of aromas and flavors, but some consumers want a more personalized experience that allows them to experiment. We have many different products intended for just this purpose, including naturally extracted terpenes, flavored rolling papers, and sprays that promise to alter the taste of a marijuana plant as it grows, but one of the hottest and most popular options right now is bong water flavoring.

What is bong water flavoring and where it can be bought

Bong water flavoring juice is a product that is designed to be easily added to the water inside of a smoking device. The makers promise a unique and exhilarating freedom and experience that is easily manipulated and adjusted to your liking, and the idea is that as the smoke travels through the flavored water inside of the bong, the taste will coat your tongue before it seeps into your lungs along with the hit.

What is bong water flavor made of?

Every company uses different ingredients to make a concoction of flavor-boosting elements, but the most common are food-safe flavoring and additives that you might find in any kitchen. Things like vanilla extract, orange extract, and other herbal additions are commonly found in this kind of product, which is why the taste and smell can imitate some of our favorite scents so well.

Where to buy bong water flavoring

Bong water flavor additive can be found just about anywhere you would expect to see bongs for sale, including online, head shops, dispensaries and convenience stores.

Can you use bong water flavoring in any kind of bongs?

A lot of people spot a new and exciting product like this and leap to make the purchase without figuring out whether it is safe to use on their device. Water flavoring of any kind should not be used with wood pieces as they will seep into the porous materials and linger for ages. It is also important to note that if your smoking tools aren’t water pipes or bongs that must be filled with cool liquid before using, then they aren’t intended to be compatible with this type of product.

However, if you have any bongs or water pipes that are made out of stone, glass, plastic, metal, or acrylics, then you are the perfect candidate and exactly who bong water flavoring is meant for, as long as the water chamber is always kept full and refreshed after each use.

Is it safe to use water flavoring in bongs or water pipes?

The trouble with adding anything other than sterile water to your bong is that it increases the chances of bacteria and other harmful elements appearing, which can wreak havoc on the lungs, throat, and mouth. So, while most brands of bong water flavor additives are entirely safe to use, it is important to treat them the same as you would with any other food product. That means expecting the product to expire after exposure to heat, light and air, and keeping the device clean in between uses.

Does it really work?

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of this method, as we know that human senses are easy to trick, and quite often a smell alone is enough to leave a slight taste in your mouth. So, while we can’t say for certain how effective they are without a rigorous amount of testing, we do know that consumers all over the world swear by it and use it to enhance their experience of smoking weed through water pipes or bongs.


Tips and tricks

If you do decide to grab some bong water flavoring to try,] then you might want to check out these helpful tips and tricks on how to use it for the most effective result with the least risk to your health.

1. Keep a clean rig

One of the biggest concerns with bong flavoring additives is that they introduce ingredients that come with an expiry date to the water, and most consumers aren’t the best at maintaining a regular cleaning schedule that ensures a freshly rinsed device every single day. To avoid the possibility of breathing in mold and other bacteria, be sure to clean and rinse your bongs or water pipes immediately after each use that includes flavoring.

2. Fresh water and flavoring every time

As much as you might love that flavor, whenever you start running low it can’t be reused. Some consumers think that as long as the bong is cleaned, the liquid can be reused several times, and that’s just not true. Whenever cannabis is smoked through bongs, the water filters out all kinds of bad things including ash and plant materials, so it’s best to toss the water and start fresh every time.

3. Store the flavoring in a cool dark area in a sealed container

Since you now know that the average water flavoring is going to contain ingredients that can go bad, you are probably wondering what the best way is to keep it, and the answer is in the fridge. Most brands come in a resealable container, so ensure that the lid is tightly replaced, and that the container is kept in a cool dark space as much as possible in between uses.

4. Do not drink the water

No matter how great these additives might smell or taste through smoke, we promise the experience will be entirely different and more than likely not enjoyable if you try to drink it. Not only is the taste likely going to disappoint, but since these products are not intended for oral ingestion, you might also find yourself with an upset stomach, so try your best to avoid that altogether by using the flavoring according to the directions on the side of the bottle, and ignoring any urges to take a swig.

5. No water? No problem

Bong water taste changers are not meant to be used with dry bongs or pipes, but that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the experience without investing in a new device. If you just want to try it or find yourself gifted a bottle, then you can use a cotton swab to apply a few drops to the mouthpiece of any device for a small taste of the delights before deciding whether or not they are something that you like.

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