Everything you need to know about a nectar collector rig

Published Mar 8, 2019 03:30 p.m. ET

The nectar collector is a glass pipe often resembling a hummingbird and used for vaporizing cannabis concentrates.

This is a relatively new type of way to dab. It incorporates a straight tube, and it works on the same principle as using a straw. This pipe is made specifically for wax or oil. If you are looking for a new way to dab, consider using a nectar collector dab set up.

Nectar collector rig parts

There are 3 sections to the nectar collector, love saying that word. There is the tip, the percolator and the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is detachable for easier cleaning and makes traveling with the nectar collector convenient.

The percolator is in the middle of the pipe. The vapor travels through here to be cooled and filtered before it reaches you. It is also where the water for the filtration is located.

Glass or titanium is a common material used for the tip along with quartz. A nectar collector titanium tip maybe the most expensive and best looking but if it's your first time dabbing or using a nectar collector then consider trying out the method with a cheaper glass tip.

Using a nectar collector


You need to get water into the percolator. The easiest way to do that is to use a glass of your favorite spring water. Put the end of the pipe into the glass and suck up just like a straw. You know you are doing it correctly when you can hear it bubble or percolate.

Sitting waiting for you in the wax dish, a small container that holds your concentrate is your favorite dab.

Next let's use the butane torch to light the end of the pipe. Move the torch back and forth quickly. You will heat the end to a nice fiery red. Once it is there, you will dip the end of the nectar collector, the nail, into the wax dish and inhale slowly and smoothly. Using your concentrate of choice your taste buds will be satisfied, and your throat will be thankful for the cool, smooth hit.

Doing the work to clean the pipe can give you a bonus, the “reclaim”, the residue left in the pipe. Keeping your apparatus clean will help to ensure a pure taste experience and should be done regularly anyway.

Here is how we can reap the benefits of the reclaim while cleaning our nectar collector. You will need, iso alcohol, a razor a flat bottom glass dish that can withstand heat and a hot plate or heating surface.

Let’s take apart our nectar collector if any water remains in the percolator dump it out. Put all pieces in the glass dish and cover them with the alcohol. Move the dish to the hotplate try to maintain a temp of about 175 you do not want to burn anything in your glass container. The purpose is to burn off the alcohol. While this is happening, your pieces will be cleaning. This may take 10 minutes. Remove the pieces now, wipe them off and put them aside to be reassembled nice and clean. Once the alcohol is burnt off, in the dish, you are left with this thick syrupy brownish color reclaimed matter. The time frame is maybe around 45 minutes for this task. This is it; this is your bonus. Use the razor to scrape off the reclaim from the dish and collect.

If you started with a good quality concentrate, then your end product will reflect that enjoy!



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