Driving and operating heavy machinery while taking CBD

Published Apr 11, 2019 12:43 p.m. ET

Now that marijuana has become legal in many regions all over the world, there is a brand-new cannabinoid market emerging that is spreading in popularity like wildfire. There are two primary cannabinoids that are utilized in this manner including THC and CBD. However, each has its purpose, place of origin, and potential effects that remain highly misunderstood by the general public. Here we will show you what CBD is, how it might affect an individual who consumes it and answer the number one CBD product question which is, can you safely drive while under the influence of CBD products?

What is THC?

THC is just one of the hundreds of different cannabinoids that are produced naturally by cannabis plants. It is the psychoactive element that induces the euphoric sensations that may impair an individual's motor capabilities and judgement. THC is often used for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

What is CBD?

CBD is the other primary cannabinoid that is often found in certain cannabis strains but is produced in the highest concentrations by industrial hemp strains. This is because marijuana has been bred over the years with a sole focus on the recreational aspect which has removed the majority of the CBD oil production in cannabis plants.

The common misconception


A lot of people assume that CBD oil and other CBD products are made from cannabis plant’s which makes curious customers nervous about the potential effects that ingesting CBD might have on their ability to function and continue with regular everyday activities. CBD products are most often made using hemp plant materials to negate any possibility of cross contamination from other cannabinoids like THC.

How CBD products might affect you

CBD products like CBD oil or edibles will have varying effects on those who choose to consume them. This is because everyone reacts slightly differently to the introduction of cannabinoids into their system. However, CBD is most often taken for medicinal and nutritional purposes and can rarely be felt by a consumer in any way other than a reduction in their symptoms. This is because CBD has a slow but powerful anti-inflammatory effect that works over time, and is not a mind-altering element with any potential to interfere with your daily activities. The only possible negative effects of using CBD products is fatigue, an increase in appetite, or nausea.

Is it ok to drive or perform other dangerous tasks while taking a CBD product?

CBD produced virtually no felt effects outside of slow relief of symptoms that are caused by inflammation or abnormal cell growth. It will not get you high and should not affect your ability behind the wheel or doing daily tasks like going to work or playing sports. While it is often recommended that those who are new to CBD products consider taking them for the first couple of times in the comfort of their own homes and away from these responsibilities, that is just so you can gauge any possible changes without being put in an awkward situation if you are one of the unlucky few to experience the more sedative effects. In general, once a consistent dosing of CBD oil or other option has been consumed successfully without adverse reactions, then yes you should be completely safe while driving, or performing any other challenging task while taking CBD.  



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