Dollar Store items you can use to smoke marijuana

Published Mar 29, 2019 10:34 a.m. ET

We’ve all been there, in a tight pinch and no money to shell out for a new bong or weed pipe. Luckily cannabis consumers through the years have come up with some rather cheap and crafty hacks that can be used to smoke weed using items you can find at your local dollar store.

1. Metal pen

Pens are in every dollar store and likely have several lying around that don’t work anyway. You will need to select a pen with all removable metal pieces to make this nifty weed pipe.

  • Unscrew the metal tip.
  • Remove the ink from within.
  • Flip the tip inwards and then shove it as hard as you can inwards until a seal is created.
  • Remove the back end of the pen by pulling it out.
  • Fill the backward pen tip with marijuana and light it.
  • Inhale the smoke through the open end.

2. Pop bottle

Pop bottles are one of the easiest to find things that can be bought at any dollar store and easily converted into a functional gravity bong or bubbler with no more than a pair of scissors, aluminum foil, and two empty bottles. The bonus of this one is you get to enjoy what’s inside while you work.

  • Begin by selecting one large bottle and one slightly smaller one.
  • Empty the contents of both and rinse them out with warm water.
  • Cut a bucket shape out of the larger bottle by removing ¾ or more of the upper portion of plastic.
  • Use scissors to remove the base of the small container by cutting 1 inch off of the bottom.
  • Cut a hole into the lid of the small container.
  • Now use a piece of aluminum foil slightly larger than the cap of the small bottle to form a bowl by wrapping the lid tightly.
  • Use a toothpick to poke holes into the bowl.
  • Fill the bucket with water ¾ of the way.
  • Drop the small container into the large one until it rests on the bottom.
  • Fill the bowl with marijuana and light it while slowly pulling the bottle out of the water. This will draw the smoke out of the bowl and into the chamber.
  • Remove the lid and inhale the toke.

3. Book


Books are simply paper covered in writing. Depending on where you are a pack of papers is likely going to run you more than it would to buy a book that you can use instead.

  • Select a book that has thin unbleached pages.
  • Remove one page from the book.
  • Cut a piece of paper that is large enough to roll the joint or blunt you would like.
  • Grind your cannabis and fill the paper with it.
  • Roll as you typically would licking the final edge to seal it shut. There won’t be glue present, but the thin unbleached paper will stick together without it.
  • Light up and enjoy!

4. Mini rose

Have you ever seen those adorable tiny roses that are inside of little glass cylinders? They look like a romantic gift, but they have a completely different purpose.

  • Remove both ends of the glass tube by twisting them.
  • Pull the glass rose out of the cylinder.
  • Grind your marijuana and pack it into the end of the glass tube. If you don’t have enough to fill it than just pack it as much as you can using your finger to cram it into place from the opposite end.
  • Light it up, and you have fashioned yourself a fully functional homemade weed pipe or glass joint.

5. Paper towel roll

Another multipurpose purchase that you can use is an empty paper towel roll to make your homemade weed pipe. You will need one empty paper towel tube, scissors, tin foil, and tape.

  • Empty the roll of paper towel.
  • Cut a hole into the side of the roll approximately ¾ of the way down.
  • Use tape to close the end nearest to the hole.
  • Take a piece of tinfoil and form a bowl in the hole that you cut.
  • Fill the bowl with marijuana.
  • Light it up and enjoy.


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