Does vaping weed smell bad?

Published Apr 22, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET
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For those who are looking at vaping as a healthier alternative method to consume cannabis, it does come with a few unique twists that often surprise new users who are under an entirely wrong impression. Vaping produces a vapor that can be inhaled by the user which is a liquid base instead of smoke. What is important is how and why that alters the various aromas that might be produced when cannabis is vaporized. There are three different types of products that can be utilized for marijuana use. Here we will cover what concentrate, dabs, and dry herb smell like when they are vaped and include a handy list of tips and tricks to keep the odor as undetectable as possible.

Do BHO pens smell?

Oil vape pens are the least stinky of all three options, but they will still create a scent that is easy to detect especially if you are in a space with minimal ventilation and taking several hits in a row. Cannabis oils contain terpenes that are heavy at first but dissipate fairly quickly, so if you are seeking the stealthiest option than this one is it.

Do cannabis dab vape pens smell?

Dab vape pens do tend to emit a slight smell that is much less noticeable than vaping bud, but the amount will depend on the kind of dabs you are running through it. There are also other scents that are typical in this style of vape like the coil heating which is often described as a metallic aroma as the device warms up for use. The most significant odor issue with dab vapes is that the smells that are produced tend to linger for quite a while.

Less smelly dabs: Shatter & crumble.

More pungent dabs: Budder & wax.

Do dry herb vape pens smell?

Vape pans for dry cannabis are the stinkiest of them all and will begin to emanate a pungent scent the moment they start to warm up. Dry herb pens are also typically made with conduction (direct contact to the coil) which will produce a stronger smell than convection vapes.  


How to vape with the least amount of stink

Marijuana use is going to smell at least a little, no matter what steps you take to reduce it, but it is entirely possible to eliminate much of the odor. That is because the majority of the scent produced by all vapes pens is due to coils and residual resins that have been left behind to smolder. The rest can be masked with a few simple tips and tricks from more experienced cannabis vapes.

  1. Regularly clean your vape
    Since the number one reason for a strong smell emanating from a vape pen is because of resin and other plant materials that have been left behind. Especially in designs that require direct contact with the heating element. If you take some preemptive measures and clean your vaporizer at least once every few days, there will be a dramatic decrease in this robust and noticeable smell.

  2. Don’t store any kind of pre-burnt marijuana products inside of your vape pen
    This scenario is similar to the one above. Though cannabis buds and concentrates will produce a slight smell, it becomes so much stronger once some of the plant materials are burnt. This scent isn’t even caused by the weed and is most often due to the singed plant matter and smoky aroma.

  3. Air circulation
    If you are trying to keep your marijuana use a secret, then it might be best to stay outdoors depending on your living arrangement. When you are using a pen outside, there is no containing the vapor, and very little of the smell will cling to your clothing. If that for whatever reason is not an option, then your next best bet is to vape beside a large open window and invest in a fan that will circulate fresh air inside while filtering the stinky air out.

  4. Seal up openings
    For those who live in some form of shared accommodations, the fear is generally the travelling of the vapor smell that might interfere with roommates, family members, or neighbors. An excellent way to keep the cloud of fog from drifting is to seal up any doors to the room you use to vape in, while throwing open a window. This helps to keep the airflow going outside, but it is most effective if there is a good seal. To create one, you can roll up a damp towel and place it at the bottom of any doors. It helps a lot more than you might think and takes only a minute to do.

  5. Mask the scent
    Another trick to manage shared living quarters is to effectively mask the smell using one of a few options.

  1. A natural essential oils mister filled with lavender, or orange oil is perfect for concealing any cannabis aroma.
  2. Build a spoof by taking a toilet paper or paper towel roll and affixing a dryer sheet to one end of it with an elastic. As you vape, blow the cloud in through the dryer sheet, and the smell will be reduced dramatically.
  3. Potpourri sounds kind of like an old people thing, but it does work. That is because of the strong fragrant oils that some flowers naturally produce which work wonders in enclosed spaces to mask bad smells.

Though vaping does give some incredible benefit as far as health and a reduced amount of smell, anyone claiming that vape pens are scent free is misinformed. Marijuana use through vaping, smoking, vaping, edibles will always be at least somewhat noticeable. The only way to ingest cannabis in a completely aroma proof way is to take THC pills, crystals, or patches which typically have to be prescribed by a doctor. However, you can take advantage of the reduced pungent smells to maintain some discretion about your marijuana use.



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