Does CBD show up on a drug test?

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:01 p.m. ET

You may be anxious about an impending drug test you are scheduled to have. You are concerned if the medical marijuana you have been using for a couple of years will show a positive reading. Although marijuana is legal in Canada, marijuana still carries a stigma for some. This stigma is generally based on who and what weed is being used for. Understandably you do not want any surprises of showing a positive result if possible.

The answer to the question, will my use of CBD show in my drug test is not as clear-cut as you may have presumed it to be. CBD is derived from the marijuana plant and hemp plant. The CBD used in your marijuana products may have some traces of THC in them. The CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant, however, will have no THC content.

Do they test for CBD in drug tests?

CBD is not being screened for in standard drug testing, so don’t worry. Generally, there are several ways to check for the presence of drugs in your system — those being hair, blood and saliva, and urine tests.

If the hair is used for testing about an inch and a half from the bottom of the hair will be used. This seems to indicate what you have consumed for the last 90 days.  Your hair can keep track of your pharmacological patterns for life.

When blood is used for testing, traces of CBD will not be present after one week of abstaining from marijuana.

Testing for CBD in urine will not show a presence as it is not a psychoactive drug.

The most common testing is perhaps the saliva test. Thiscould show the presence of CBD from a couple of hours before test till 24 hrs later.

CBD will not be present in a standard drug test as it is not on the screen for testing. CBD has no mind-altering effects that could impair your work abilities. This being the reason that it would not be on the test. As previously mentioned, there are CBD products available that claim to be THC free. These do however have some THC in the product, which if you consumed enough of the product could technically read as positive for marijuana. This is highly unlikely as you would have to have consumed mass amounts of your medical CBD product for this reading to be positive, and it would be a false positive.

There are many factors that can influence how long CBD could be present in your system. The amount of product used, the potency, how often that you use the product and the method of consumption will all play a part.

Do vape pens show up on drug tests?

Methods of consumption include vaping, ingesting, including tinctures infused edibles, rubs, and lotions will not affect the result of tests if only CBD is used. I can't stress enough that you should read your labels if you are at all concerned about the amount of THC in any products. Do your research, check out the products you are using, the manufacturer and as always, the label.  

Remember, you can’t fail a drug test for using CBD, it is not psychoactive. Don’t be afraid to use CBD for medical benefit, if that’s your concern. As always, with all kinds of marijuana-related products, be safe and enjoy!


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