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Published Sep 11, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Stoner ingenuity is an infamous trait that many cannabis enthusiasts share, especially when stuck in a situation without weed pipes, bongs, or papers. After all, there is no better motivator than necessity. The trouble is that most ways that the average person knows how to smoke weed require the addition of an important tool. Without them, it can seem like an impossible task, but luckily, we are here to help make the job easier.

Weed pipes and bongs look significantly different from one another, but they also share a similarity that can be utilized while you are figuring out how to make a pipe out of just about anything. That is, they all have a bowl for your cannabis, a chamber for the smoke to travel through, and a mouthpiece to keep everything contained during the delivery of a thick cloud of smoke.

Here, we will focus on a couple of different veggies that nearly everyone has sitting in the fridge, and even if they don’t, most vegetables can be bought at a fraction of the cost of any weed pipes or bongs. Whether you have found yourself with no weed pipes or bongs and want a toke, or you are feeling creative and is looking for a DIY homemade weed pipes project to try with your friends, we’ve got you covered.

Veggies that make good weed pipes

Some people hear about smoking out of food, and that kind of grosses them out, but if you choose the right one, it can actually help to enhance the experience with slight hints of good flavors, and a handy snack for afterwards. Here are just a few vegetables that make incredible weed pipes.

  • Cucumber
  • Carrot
  • Squash
  • Pumpkin
  • Zucchini

Though a few of these options are round and might make better bongs than they do weed pipes, they will all work perfectly if you follow the step by step, how to make a pipe with veggies instructions down below.

You will need:

  • Vegetable of choice or one of the options above
  • Sharp knife
  • Metal straw
  • Small hammer
  • Stem with bowl (or aluminum foil and toothpick)
  • Paper towels


  1. Start by washing the vegetable thoroughly using soapy water, to remove any possible contaminants or toxins that might be present. This step is important, as you will be placing your lips against the outer layer to use it, so it is best to keep things as sanitary as possible.

  2. Pat dry the vegetable using paper towels to ensure it is dried completely, as wetness can cause slipping which does not work great with tools such as sharp knives.

  3. Set the veggie on a clean flat surface, to see how it stands up best. If it has multiple flat edges, it is best to select the sturdiest one, so that once you have the bowl filled, it will not roll away.

  • Once you have found what will be the bottom of your homemade pipe, it is time to start the drilling and carving. A good place to start is the mouthpiece, so find a spot that is comfortable to place to your mouth to draw from and carve a small hole that is around the diameter of a quarter, and no larger.

  • Next, find a good location for your weed pipes bowl to drill a chamber that will eventually connect. The bowl should be placed on top of a round and elongated spot, but if you are using something like a carrot or cucumber, then install the bowl as far away from your mouthpiece as possible. Take a sharp knife and carve a small indent again for a hole, but not too deep, as you’ll only want to get just past the flesh of the vegetable.

  • Now, it is time to make two long chambers that will connect the areas that you have indented. Now drill one hole down into the center of the bowl, and another sideways that will eventually meet the first at a 90°angle from the mouthpiece. Do this slowly and carefully, as creating extra holes will ruin the functionality of your device. Take the straw and gently tap the tip with a small hammer to create the tunnels.

  • At this point you might have loose chunks of veggie floating around in your weed pipes chambers, so blow them out before going any further. If you are unable to move the chunks with the pressure from your lungs, then you might not have the chambers connecting. You will know this step is finished, once you achieve a good resistance-free draw when you inhale through the mouthpiece hole.

  • It is finally time to install the bowl, and all it should take is a gentle press into the chamber to do so. If the fit isn’t snug, then you might need to opt for a tinfoil bowl, which can be easily shaped by hand and punctured with a toothpick for air holes.

  • Now your homemade pipe is ready to use!

  • How to smoke weed through a homemade vegetable pipe

    Now that you have a fancy and unique smoking tool that you’ve made all on your own, it’s time to put that bad boy to work. Simply pack the bowl with your favorite ground herb, spark it up, and inhale the thick, rich goodness of freshly ignited cannabis. Just remember, this type of homemade pipe is only meant for short term use. Once you are finished with it for the day, it should be disposed of, as trying to store and reuse a vegetable pipe may expose you to bacteria which could be harmful to your health.

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