DIY Guide to cleaning your vape

Published Mar 18, 2019 09:02 a.m. ET

No matter what type of device you choose to vape with it will need to be cleaned eventually, or it will stop working the way it was intended to. Many don’t realize that there are a right way and a wrong way to clean your vapes and trying to do it the wrong way could potentially break your piece. Not cleaning it at all will lead to a vape that eventually gives up working altogether making learning essential skills like how to keep your vape tank clean and how to properly tackle cleaning vape coils. This guide will show you step by step the appropriate way to keep any vape clean adding potential years to its life and your enjoyment.

How to clean a vape tank

Your vape tank will house any juices you would like to be vaping. A dirty tank can heavily affect the flavors of the juices, especially if you change them frequently.

  1. To begin, you will need to remove the tank from the device by unscrewing it counterclockwise.
  2. Dump any juice that is remaining in the tank into a container to dispose of.
  3. Turn on the tap and set the water to a lukewarm temperature.
  4. Wash the tank by holding it underneath the tap and using a Q-tip to remove any accessible residue. Some vapes allow soap while others do not. Always check your user manual before you start to be sure.
  5. Set the tank aside so you can continue with cleaning the battery.

Cleaning your vape battery

One of the most commonly asked questions about cleaning vape pens is can you put water in a vape tank. This method does require the use of warm water which is entirely safe to do and more effective than a dry cotton swab in cases of severe buildup.

  1. Use a fresh Q-tip to wipe down your vape battery. A little warm water on the Q-tip can be used if necessary.
  2. Be sure the battery is completely dry before you put everything back together to use your vape.

Cleaning vape coils

Coils are the heating elements in your vape. They are what heats up to such a high temperature allowing your device to vaporize the juice effectively. Build up on coils can lead to a harsh taste and difficulty in obtaining larger clouds of smoke because it will lower the temperature that directly contacts the e-juice.

  1. Take a new clean Q-tip and give the coils a gentle wipe down just as you did with the battery.

  2. Dab dry but do so gently to avoid damaging the coils.

Tips on how to keep your vape tank clean

  1. Fill appropriately - Overfilling a tank beyond the capacity it is meant to hold will hinder its ability to completely vaporize the e-juice which will leave behind more residue.

  • Optimal Temperature- Burning juice at either too high or too low of a temperature can also leave behind excess partially burnt residue. This can affect the taste and functioning of the vape so be sure to stick to the temperatures recommended in your user manual.

  • Keep an Extra Tank- A lot of people put off cleaning their tank because they are using it. To avoid that keep an extra one on hand so if one starts to get dirty, you can clean it easily once you get a chance. The longer you use a dirty vape, the more difficult it will be to clean properly once you do get around to it.

  • How to clean an E-Cig

    With E-cigs, it can be a bit more challenging to visually see when they are due for a cleaning. If you notice an odd taste, a reduction in the vapor being produced, or any resin coming out of the mouthpiece than chances are your vape is more than due for a thorough cleansing.

    Step 1- To clean an e-cig properly you will need to remove each section piece by piece. Each section should be threaded together making removing them as simple as turning each part counter-clockwise.

    Step 2- Dispose of any leftover juice that is still inside. It will be full of old material that won’t be great to save for reusing later.

    Step 3- Use a dampened paper towel to wipe down the outside of the e-cig and then use a Q-tip that has also been run under warm water to clean the threads.

    Step 4- Run a tap and set it to a lukewarm temperature before running the tank wick and coil underneath it to rinse.

    Step 5- Spread all the washed parts on a paper towel for at least one hour to dry.

    Step 6- Once parts appear dry, you can give the battery one more once over with a dry Q-tip and then your cleaned E-cig should work like new.



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