Dabbing vs vaping

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:15 p.m. ET

What is dabbing?

 Before we can say which is better, dabbing or vaping, we need to understand what each form of ingesting marijuana is. These forms of ingesting require different products. First, let us talk about the Dabber. This equipment comes in many forms. I would like to talk about the first form of dabbing that achieved mainstream use. Simple and basic. Heat the knife, drop the dab and inhale.

Dabbing today

Well, things haven’t really changed too much in that process today. We do use different apparatus, however.  First, there is the dab ring, without this,there would be no way to dab. Essentially it is a modified water pipe. The connector on the glass bowl has been replaced by a glass joint which will hold the nail. This will let you heat the nails you can put the concentrate on it, and this will cause vaporization. There are many different sizes from handheld to enormous.  Choosing a small rig with less water will produce a good hit with great flavor. The more water in the pipe gives a smoother hit with less flavor. Prices are all over the scale with these babies. One can pay as much as thousands of dollars for just one pipe.

Let's talk about the nail. The best nails are titanium, which some call bangers. Quartz is also in the running for best material, in nails.

Don’t forget dabbers. You can pay lots of money for a professional dabber instrument, but you shouldn’t All that is needed to dab is a way to put dap on a nail. You will need to become familiar with the carb cap; this will cover the nail head after it cools, reducing vapes temperature a bit. The cap that you put on nail serves the same purpose as an oven, keeping nail warm allowing the terpenes to escape. These are you smell and flavor friend. If heated too much the terpenes will be lost.

What is vaping?

Vaping entails heating herbs to just below combustion 390 F. It's key to remember 390 F is the best temperature to vape wax. Keeping the temperature at that ensures the flavor and purity will shine through. Conduction heating heats the herb with a heated surface.  Remember it is not smoke, so our lungs will stay a prettier pink. We are not consuming the tar either, typically vaping wax is what is used.  An advantage of vaping is that it also stretches your weed supply to last longer.  

If you choose a convection vaporizer, the air is forced over herb into a bag. The whip which holds the herb   slides over the heating element. The other end of the whip is the mouthpiece. This is just one type of vaporizer. There is another method of vaping — the conduction method. This due to poor heat distribution in some models like the pens can produce burnt herb.

Let us look at what we need to vape: We can choose a pen, or there are portable vaporizers and even desktop models. Take a trip to your local store ask questions and choose a method that you feel comfortable with, then enjoy!

Should I dab or vape?

Now that we’ve gone through an explanation of what each method entails, it’s time to decide which method to use. Let’s look at the main reasons why you might choose one over the other:

• Vapes are easy: after all, all you need to vape is to put the vape wax on your vape and then start vaping. Dabbing is a little more time intensive.

• Vapes are convenient: You can fit a vape into your coat pocket and easily take it with you anywhere you go. Dabbing needs a torch and a flat area that makes it a little less discreet and harder to carry with you. Even small dabs have the same requirements of a torch and flat area.

• Dabbing is more potent: Using a vape maybe more comfortable and more convenient however dabbing is hard to beat in terms of strength. Dabbs usually allow you to take much bigger hits, especially compared to vapes, which are generally smaller.

• Vapes need more maintenance: Vapes word well over a long time, but they need the constant maintenance of changing out coils. If you don’t change out coils on your vape, you’ll lose out on getting those bigger hits. A dab rig, however, will likely last much longer than a vape.

• Dabbers can cost a lot of money: Vapes maybe better suited to newbies, especially those not willing to fork out extra cash. Generally, dabes are more expensive, with all their components and harder to setup.

Ultimately, whichever method you choose is up to you and a matter of personal preference. However for the reasons listed above, there are factors that make dabbing a little more difficult and more expensive than vaping. Whereas the advantage of vapes is in their convenience and cheapness, comparatively. One option to consider, is you could use a vape as a portable tool and then rely on dabbing for at home use. This strategy is probably best for heavy or daily users who are smoke a lot on the go.


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