How to grow cannabis on a windowsill indoors

Published May 29, 2019 11:21 a.m. ET
Credit: NataGolubnycha

Now that growing marijuana is legal in Canada, and at the same time we are facing a massive housing crisis, there are a lot more people trying to grow a cannabis plant with the least space dedicated to doing so. If you are just learning how to grow weed, then you probably think that you will need an expensive grow room setup complete with expensive lights, timers, and exhaust system, but the truth is that a marijuana plant isn’t much different than any other houseplant. It has specific wants and needs, but if those quotas are met, cannabis plants can thrive perfectly without all that extra gear and space.

Though it is entirely possible to pull off a high-quality product with absolutely no grow room or tent, it is important to make up for that, by providing a healthy basis of nutrients for the plant to feed off. Here we will show you how to grow a marijuana plant by sharing a few tips and tricks from the pros to help to guide you down a path that leads to the most success.


Not everyone has multiple window sills to choose from, but if you do have more than one it’s best to pick the window with the least things obstructing light from entering (like adjacent trees or buildings), and preferably one that faces either south or east to get the highest number of daylight exposure hours possible. If for some reason or another none of your windows gets enough light, then you might want to invest in a cheap fluorescent bulb that can easily be hung as a supplement.


You are going to need a soil that is rich in nutrients to get this job done. Chose a recipe or premix that includes the essential macro-nutrients, including potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. The second element you will want to include are micro-nutrients, which are tiny microscopic organisms that will create waste for your marijuana plant to feed on. If you don’t like any of the store-bought options you have available, then check out our super soil recipes for some from scratch inspiration.


Selecting the ideal windowsill friendly pot can be challenging, depending on the dimensions you must work within. Many will be shallow, long, and not quite suitable for a marijuana plant to get established. Try to stick with a pot that is at least 3 liters to provide ample room for the root system to spread out, while keeping things small enough to safely rest on a windowsill.



Though everyone knows that all plants need some kind of water supply, a lot of those who use windowsills don’t really account for influences you wouldn’t typically have to deal with in a grow room like badly placed radiators, and the hot glass effect which will suck every ounce of moisture dry from a marijuana plant if it isn’t maintained. It is not uncommon for growing plants to need almost double the normal amount of water when being grown in a window. To avoid a potentially deadly dry out, be sure to water your marijuana plants at least twice a day.


We did touch on nutrients once above, but the added nutrients while growing marijuana plants are critical to their overall health too. Especially when they are developing unless less than ideal conditions. The best thing you can do is invest in an easy to apply nutrient compound made specifically for cannabis as it will include all the micro and macro nutrients mentioned above. If you don’t have access to that type of product, then you can select on that is meant for edible plant varieties like tomatoes. Just remember, you will always want to stop administering these nutrients at least two weeks before harvest so that they don't affect the taste of your yield.

Weed strains

When selecting the perfect cannabis strain to grow in a window, there are a few things you will want to consider to be successful. You will need a strain of marijuana that is temperature resistant, small, and preferably one that comes equipped with an auto flowering feature which guarantees maturity in 90 days.



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