Comparing the top 5 bong and weed pipe compatible lighters

Published Feb 21, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis consumers can often put a little too much thought into choosing the perfect weed strain, but few truly consider the implications of the lighter they choose. It might seem like an incredibly small detail, but it can often be enough to make or break your ability to enjoy a good smoke session with your favorite device, so it’s good to know what you’re getting into before you find yourself with a lighter that is either completely unless, or very uncomfortable to use.

That is why we’ve decided to take a moment to highlight some of the most commonly used lighters out there and how well (or not) each one can work if you enjoy using a bong or weed pipe. These finicky tools are incredibly easy to use, clean and find in store, but they require constant relighting, so your lighters will need to be of a good enough quality that they can get the job done, and hopefully not burn you in the process.

1. Zippo

The Zippo has been around for longer than we have, and at its core, it’s an excellent lighter choice for those who find themselves in less than ideal situations. The Zippo can hold up well to frigid cold temperatures and moisture, and neither will stop them from lighting, which makes them perfect for the average outdoorsman, but on the other hand, they can also get pretty expensive.

Though they certainly do have some great qualities, including the fact that they never seem to get hot, a Zippo lighter isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be since the fuel that they run on stinks to high heaven, often tainting the delicious smoke inside of a bong. So, if you’re fond of your Zippo, there isn’t too much cause for concern, but the adverse effects on the taste and smell are often enough to cross them off most stoner's wish lists.

2. BIC lighters

The BIC lighter has become a standard among the lighter industry, and it’s one of the longest-running and still surviving companies in the business. These lighters are perfect for anyone who finds themselves on a budget and is ideal for those who misplace them often. These lighters even come in a host of designs and logos so that while you use it, you can show a little love to your favorite saying, theme, or sports team.

Most people, including non-smokers, will often keep a BIC lighter on hand for everyday use when needed, as BIC is one of the biggest producers of lighter in the whole world, but most of that is just because they are really cheap to buy. The average BIC lighter is definitely bong and weed pipe compatible, but if you want something to stay lit for more than a few seconds long, then you may actually find that you need something else entirely, because unfortunately, BIC lights have a tendency to overheat very fast.

3. Torch lighters

The torch lighter has gotten a whole lot more popular over the last several years, as dabbing has become a trend that has spread just as quickly as vaping, and regular lights just aren’t up to that task, but are they really a good idea for bongs or weed pipes? The truth is that while they might be compatible, which just means that they can reach the cannabis inside of the bowl, they aren’t all that great for most pot smokers.


Torches get hot fast, and with one wrong turn of the wrist, it doesn’t take much to set either yourself or something else on fire. These lighters get so hot that you could set something ablaze without touching the flame, and even if you avoid that, it will wreak havoc on all kinds of glass pieces. The extreme heat will start out with damage that you can’t see like hairline cracks, but over time those small weakness tends to lead to a final devastating break, so they are preferred by most.

4. Electric lighters

Electric lighters are the latest that technology has to offer, but like most advanced pieces, they come with vast benefits and problems. The perks are pretty amazing, with lighting fast sparks that stage an aesthetically appealing show every time you light a bowl, and the option of charging using nothing more than your phone's power cord, but these lighters have often come with a major design flaw that makes them less than ideal for most stoners.

Electric lighters have two small prongs and they carry the electrical current that you would eventually use to light your bowl, but some have a small spring piece instead. Those springs are never quite protruded enough to properly spark a bowl, and the prongs sometimes have the same issue, acting well for lighting cigarettes or joints without impacting flavor, but not doing so great for a bong or weed pipe users.

5. BBQ lighters

Barbeque lighters probably aren’t your first choice of tool for lighting a bong, but a lot of people use them for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the special child lock features, while others utilize the bendable extension that keeps the flames far away from your mouth or face. The biggest problem with these is that they tend to run out of fuel quite quickly, and those that don’t have an adjustable nature and are ridged making them awkward to hold comfortably with your face up to a bong or a weed pipe.

No matter what kind of lighter you choose, there is likely going to be something that you don’t like about it, so the best we can do, while the experts work on more specialized pieces, is to be patient and utilize the ones that make the most sense for us. Not everyone is going to feel the same, and that’s ok, but at least, now you know about some of the most important pros and cons to watch for before picking one.

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